Flu jab is free if you have MS!

Hi all, just went to my local chemist for flu jab… which they are charging £15 for… but then the pharmacist showed me the list of people who can have it free… which includes people with ‘chronic neurological conditions’ (see link)… so I got mine for free!

Advise others to do the same… MS & flu is a nasty mixture!


Pat x

Getting mine at the weekend. Was booked in last week, but true to form I had a cold. Happens before the first free flu jab dates every year x

Can get it from the NHS for free, without having to go to the pharmacy at all. I always get mine at the GP surgery - and they send me an annual reminder as well. Mine is tomorrow. Tina x

Hi Tina, yes I used to get mine at GP surgery… but last year they said they had run out and to get it at chemist, which cost me £7. Apparently the free service at the chemist is new this year as they are hoping more people will use the service.

For me it is much easier than waiting two weeks for an appointment only to be told they have run out.

Pat x

I had mine at the GP`s last week. Free…it was free the last 2 years.

Pat isn`t it free for the over 60s?


Hi Went to GP this morning and asked about the flu jab and said yes I must have it. Going tomorrow morning. Barney

ur gp surgery,sould write to u offering you it,mine does,but i roughly know when it comes out so i phoned doc ,and was first in the sugery to get it :slight_smile:

Getting mine next week - invited to the special clinic! Teresa xx

Why are my doctors receptionists (battle axes) so hard work? I enquired about this last night and was told only people with serious illnesses were able to get the jab free. I stated that I had MS and they said “oh we better check with the nurse and will have to call you back”, but they felt that its not a qualifying illness.

This topped off an appointment with the doctor at 8.30pm. I had to walk up three flights of stairs to get to his room!! Its lucky that I am not currently affected that badly at the moment, but another patient might have really struggled to walk the stairs.

Then when I saw the doctor, he said that with all the illnesses which I could of got, I should feel lucky that I have MS!


Anyway, if I go to a local pharmacy to try to get the jab for free, is there anyway I can prove I have MS and qualify for it?


My doctor’s surgery has a big poster up, saying who’s eligible, and on it is: “Chronic neurological conditions”.

If MS isn’t that, then what is? Why don’t they know their own criteria? I’d keep pestering, if I were you. You’re entitled to it, and should get it!

As for “lucky you’ve got MS!”, Pfffff! Of course doctors must see many things worse, including conditions that are rapidly fatal. Perhaps he’d just seen a very sad case that day? But that doesn’t make it OK to tell people with other serious conditions they should think themselves lucky! I sort of know what he means, but it would be much luckier NOT to have it, wouldn’t it?

Just in case you do end up resorting to the pharmacy, do you have your original diagnosis letter? I’ve always kept mine - hardly as a badge of honour, or for the happy memories, but just in case I ever need to prove it.



Got mine yesterday- our gp sends out a reminder every year…

Hi, posted about this last week telling people to book early to avoid disappointment! I always book mine before all the letters go out in October.

Had mine last Saturday, no ill effects, just slightly sore arm for 24 hours. But due to Strictly got my DH to make the evening meal on Saturday night and pour my glass of wine!!


Thanks for the link Pat, I was a bit befuddled when the pharmacy close to work said no to a freebie… I will call them back tomorrow, being self-employed does mean a visit to the doctor is expensive business!!!


Sonia x

Had mine yesterday at GP surgery. Asked my dr when in for an appointment and said it was a must to have it. I was on there system to have it. So went outside to book and the receptionist said how old are you then I said I gad MS and she booked it straight away. I was really impressed with the nurse that did the injection she was really through with her questions, then wasn’t sure about one of my medications so double checked before she gave it to me.