Allo, Ive just been through a bit of a panic. Daughter rang to ask if we are ok. I said why?`

She said she was looking at pictures of Elland flooded. She lives 2 miles away…uphill from us. She said to go to her`s.

We live in Elland. Now part of it has been evacuated. We live a bit away from that area. But it sent shock waves through me…on tv I saw little inflated boats taking people to safety.

I cant get anywhere by myself…I was welling up inside…

we`re okay here…no need to panic…hubby will make sure I am ok.


Have sent u pm poll.


My friends in Mytholmroyd have been told that the water pumping station has flooded so they’re expecting to have their water cut off at any moment.

It looks terrible.

Hope you’ll be OK Poll. (And everyone else in Lancashire & Yorkshire.)




Thankyou Sue.


A neighbour has just taken a walk to see the flooded area. It is the canal that has flooded, not the river adjacent. We will be ok.

But I do feel sad for those who aren`t and hope they stay safe.


It must be heartbreaking to see your home and possessions destroyed. For some it happens year after year and must cost them, the insurance companies and the government a massive amount.

Seems to me it would make sense for the homes affected time after time to be purchased by the government and or the insurance companies, then no further building allowed. Does this ever happen, has anyone any experience of it?

Jan x


Poll, I seen it on TV, its awful, so sad. I do hope you and everyone concerned are OK and keep safe.

Thinking of you all up the north, and wishing there was something I could do to help.

Pam x

Thank you.

Knowing everyone cares does help.

We’re OK. A cousin in Copley, has taken photos from her 2nd floor flat,#…incredible!


hi poll

it is scary.

we were warned about global warming years ago and we are paying the price now.

hope the floods avoid your home poll.

i was going to go to the big tesco 5 miles from here but my sister texted me to say that the big roundabout is flooded.

also hindley where we were brought up and where my dad still lives has parts flooded.

take care everyone

carole x

Hope you’re still ok and not having to decamp. Thinking of you x

Hope your ok poll, and anyone else affected by floods. Take it easy xx

Things seem better today. But down the road from us, houses and other buildings have a huge cleaning up to do.

People like electricians, plumbers and plasterers are offering free help. Someone has offered a caravan and day centres are open and restaurants are taking food in.

It is wonderful how folk rally round.

Daughter, son in law and grandchildren have just been to check on us. They are more concerned than we realized. Knowing my needs, we cant just grab a coat, wellies and run!

More flood warnings on the way for some. Poor things