Flashing lights

Does any body suffer with dizziness after shopping in Tescos or using their iPad alot?

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I can not cope with lighting in stores.Within 5 minutes of walking in i get so dizzy and disorientated.I find our local Asda the worst and i stopped going in for that reason.I very rarely go in these days as i do most of my shopping online.I have always sufferd with lighting though.When i worked i really struggled with the lighting there too.

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Loud noise is my biggest gripe - someone bangs a cupborad door or an ordinary door, I jump the height of myself & hate loud TV etc - just can’t cope with it

any kind of sensory overload floors me, sometimes literally!

I find Tesco worse than the other shops but I must try and do what you do and shop online but sometimes it is convenient to just pop in.

Dee J. This is me exactly. I have had constant issues for months now. Only diagnosed in March and this issue has stayed a constant since then.

On facebook some people use those flashing gifs oh my god they make me feel sick. I have suffered from the get go with bright lights. I hate them. those flourescent ones i have in my kitchen i use a small light in there if i need it as putting it on gives me a headache. I stopped going to supermarkets because the light was horrible.