Hi All,

Wife had 2 angina attacks,and she was in hospital for a week got the ok but was given a line for30 days.

So i went into respite care last week,and on the Tue night was on the toilet one second next my hole body went into what i thought was spasms.Lying on the floor with pee all over me, and a nurse and three carers in there as well.Took 15 Mins for it to pass.The nurse said she did not thing it was MS but it was a fit.[somthing else to get checked out]So after a shower they managed to get me into bed

Wed morning got up and my ribs hurt like hell,and had lost my speach.

Took me to x-ray and found 2 small cracks,plus a little cloud,so they put me on antibiotics.

I was there for 9 days,and wanted to give the wife some more time,but they said no more funds.

Asked about private care the cost £2OOO for 9 days.

Could not afford that,but they sent a social worker to see me.He has sorted out help for the wife.

People come in the morning,and evening to give her a hand,for the weekend.

Going to be reassessed on Mon morning,ribs heeling ok but speach still not back yet.

Sorry for the moan.

Can anybody shed some light on Fits or spasms.

Thanks for any replys.

Take Care .
























Hi I have epilepsy and have regular seizures. Were you aware of it happening? Do you remember everything from start to finish?
I have no memory of them happening from about 10 minutes before it starts and up to 3 hours or so after depending on how severe it is. I am always left disorientated and confused.

I can sympathise about the ribs though it hurts like hell. I have broken several over the years as well as wrist, collar bone, fingers and had more black eyes than I can count!

Hope you and your wife are feeling better

Sorry chris,

Spent 5 mins looking it up,all i could find was about childhood fits.

Not mutch good to you,but will bump you up a little.

Hope the night shift can help you.

Hope you can find an answer.


Hi Chris, I do know a lot about epilepsy through my job. It is very common when having a seizure to be incontinent of urine, do you remember how you felt before it happened?? They should give you an EEG, have you got a follow app ? The only thing makes me think it might not have been a seizure is your loss of speech but don’t quote me on that has epilepsy is a very complex illness and can be so different for each individual. Hope you and your wife are getting plenty of support. Take care. Karen

Hi nikkinakkinoo,

Thanks for getting back to me.

I am glad i am not the only one,hate being the only one,not that i am glad that you have it.

And you are right it hurts.

Dont remember the start,but remember the finish,very confused did not know where i was,but the staff where fantastic.

Has it ever effected your speach.

This was my first one.

How long have you had it,and are you on any Meds

Glad i did parachute training when i was in the army.

What is a nikkinakkinoo[do you have a shorter version of it]

Be Safe.


Hi Karen,

Glad you cleared up about peeing myself,felt i needed to pee,the next thing i remember is being comforted by the staff.

Think i had an EEG or was it an ESG,sorry cant remember,what are these tests for.

No follow up app,do you think this somthing i should do.

I have a bell beside my bed but try not to use it just now,unless i need to.[send her a text now]

Thank you.


Hi Chris, an EEG is when they check your brain for any activity, sorry ms brain can’t remember the correct terms and I should be able to!! Yes I definitely think you should have a follow up app. An ECG is when they check your heart, stick little pads all over your chest. I hope you are feeling better both you and your wife. Feel free to pm me within any questions I will try and get my brain working lol. Take care. Karen

Hi Chris, call me Nikki it was my husband started it when he heard Paddy McGuiness say it on take me out!!

I don't know anyone with epilepsy either so found it really hard when I was diagnosed. I was diagnosed just over 3 years ago now and I do take meds but it is difficult to control. In hindsite it had been happening for a while though.

Yes I lose the ability to speak properly but I think I am if that makes sense. I pee myself as well and its not nice. It takes me a few days to recover from it as well.

An EEG is one of the tests for epilepsy, its when they put all the electrodes on your head to measure your brainwaves.

It might be worth going to see your GP just to see if he knows what is happening.

Remember though everyone has the chance of having a seizure in their lifetime but for most people its a one off so hopefully you will be one of those.

Take care

Nikki x

By the way if theres anything you would rather not ask on here feel free to pm me


Can anybody shed some light on Fits or spasms.

Thanks for any replys.

Take Care .


Hi Chris

Sorry you are going through such an awful time at the moment. A lady in our branch has just come home from hospital where she was in intensive care and has terrible fits. It’s all caused by a UTI. The same thing happened last year when we had a drop of sun. I think it’s something to do with the heat and maybe not drinking enough water, her husband was very surprised that MS should cause her to have fits in this way but I think it’s how it affects some people.

Take care

Love Wendyxx


Hi Karen,Nikki,Wendy.

Thank you for your kind words.


Glad i am not the only one that has speach problems,not that i am glad that you have this problem to.The grandkids think i speak like Daffy Duck,i think i am talking ok,but in reality it is all gobbly goog.[is that a word]

Hope you are right,and it was a one of,still scary when it happens.

Will speak to my Doc about getting an EEG done.

Linda is going to call the speach therapist,at the local MS clinic tomorrow.

So far the help that we are getting is good,just have to wait and see what happens tomorrow.


Hard to think a UTI can cause this.


Thank you for the offer of Pm,you may regret it.

Once again thank you.

Take Care.


I have epilepsy.  There are some good epilepsy sites run by charities.

Don't spend too much time looking at information on epilepsy until  you have a diagnosis.  If you don't you could end up reading all sorts of scary stuff which isn't relevant to  you at all.

The majority of seizure types do not cause incontinence.  Mine did because I had tonic-clonic seizures - they used to be called grand mal seizures.  In this type of seizure you suddenly have a seizue which affects the whole brain.  No warning, and this type of seizure doesn't have what is known as an aura.  Which sounds like what could have happened to you, or it could have been what is known as a partial-complex seizure.  They start in one part of the brain and then spread to effect the whole brain.  This type of seizure can start with what people used to term an aura, though that's the start of the seizure itself.  It just effects one area of the brain.

A headache and 'brain fog' potentially leaving you out of it are very common with seizures.  Especially any that affect the whole brain.  I had three tonic clonic seizures in one day and was very vagues be seemingly aware and responsive.  But I have no recollection of what was happening at all, and still can't remember what happened for the whole two or three days I was in hospital!

I went to bed one Friday night and woke up in hospital 2 or 3 days later.  I'm still not sure how long it was! 

If you have had one seizure you don't have epliepsy.  epilepsy in the continuing tendancy to have epileptic seizures.  So you need to have another one before you have to worry about having epilepsy.  Many people have a seizure at some point in their lives.  

all the best,


Hi Ellen,

Thanks for your input,and hope that you are right.

Did start looking at some of the sites,and you are right,scary stuff.

My wife still wants me to get it checked out.

Once Again Thank You.


One other thing just be grateful you didn’t react like me when you came out of it. Because I’m confused and disorientated I tend to lash out. I punched a paramedic in the face once!!
Hope your ok today

Hi Chris

I have no advise or experience to share on what happened but did think you hadn’t been on here for a while so it’s good to have you back.

Anyway just wanted to say that I hope you are ok and that your wife is too.

Take care and look after yourself.


Hi Folks,

Was going to get it seen to but my MS got into the act.

Went and fall again last night and had to go to my local hospital.they did some x-rays and did EEG on me and the Doc says everthing looked normal.

So that has cleared up the fits,thankfuly.

Just another thing to blame on my MS.

The social worker has been in to see what help he can put in place,visited by care helpers 3 times a day,and he is going to try and sort out my housing problem.It may take some time to sort it all out,but at least the ball has started moving.Put my wifes mind at rest.

To all of you that replied to my post thank you for your comments,and moral support.

Take Care.





Hi Chris, sorry to hear you have been in hospital again but at least you got some answers regarding your EEG . Hopefully you will get your care package and housing sorted soon. I hope you and your wife soon recover from this anxious time. Kind regards. Karen