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Well here goes,diagnosed ppms middle of July after a long journey MRI nerve test,lumber puncture. Now I’m finally coming to terms with it, after first denial then going through the why me part.Now I’m pulling myself together with the help of my partner and family and looking forward to reading any help and advice.

Hi Cruise, Welcome to the forum :slight_smile: There’s lots of lovely people on here who can offer you support and advice and help you with any questions that you might have. Take Care. Twinkle Toes x

Greeting Cruise. It’s an information overload when diagnosed with PPMS. Everyone else knows what’s best. My advice is stress less, change your diet & drink more water. Get out there in the fresh air & keep it real. Terry


Hu Cruise. From experience, it can take a lonnnnng time to “come to terms” with it. Three years since my diagnosis, I’m still trying to! Read as much as you can. There’s a lot of info out there. Too much to absorb sometimes.

There’s always someone hanging around on here to try to help, explain or just listen. A wealth of experience.

Hi Cruise

Welcome to the club that I suppose none of us would have chosen to join, but we are where we are.

Lots of lovely people here always willing to help and offer advice when they can.

Just getting your diagnosis is a big one to get your head around, so give yourself time to go through different emotions, but acceptance does eventually come. In the meantime be kind to yourself and take one day at a time, any questions please ask, someone will normally have advice.

Pam x

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Welcome to the Forum.

You’ll find empathy, experience and a willingness to share here. I hope you get as much out of it as I have.

Best wishes,


Thank you all for your support,lots of questions to come,just taking time to come to terms with it

Hello and welcome!

Sonia x

Hi Cruise,

Welcome to our little forum, you will find some amazing people all ready to help you if they can.

My advise, think of all the things you’d like to do and do them now, be kind to yourself, rest when your body tells you too. You will find it still takes a while to get your head around it but eventually you will!

In the meantime take care of yourself,

Nina x

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Sorry you’ve joined our Clube but welcome!!

There are lovely people on here. We all struggle. To one degree or another.

You will find help,support and friendship here.

Be kind to yourself.