It's official.....

…Finally diagnosed. 9 months down the line (which I know is a drop in the ocean for some of you) my consultant has confirmed I have PPMS. Even though I kinda knew it still took my breath away. Don’t really have any words at the minute, just felt the need to post.

Take care all



The diagnosis is a relief but a blow at the same time. It does make you speechless but with time you will get used to it. Remember that we all know how you feel and are always here to listen if you need a shoulder to cry on or need to rant and rave. Thanks for your kind words re: my legs. Thinking of you, Teresa xx

Hello Oonagh, well as Teresa says, we all know how you feel. It is such a mix of emotions… relief being one of them, also I kept getting the feeling they had got it wrong, mixed my results up with someone else, and also had a sort of ‘told you so’ feeling about it all.

Give yourself time to take it in hon. You have us all on here to support you and I seem to remember you have good family support too (or partner support… sorry rotten memory!)

Always remember that it’s different for all of us… so if you hear horror stories about PPMS remember, it won’t necessarily be the same for you. In fact for the vast majority of us it is a very slow process… AND we hear good news about new drugs and treatments all the time.


Pat xxx

You are not alone, M


Thank you for all your kind words. I truly appreciate them. I at least feel now that I can start to move forward. My consultant has prescribed a low dose of gabapentin (100mg x 3) so I shall see how I get on with that. Haven’t plucked up the courage to look at side affects yet…will wait till I get my prescription. If they at least ease the pins and needles and leg pain that would be a start.

Thank you all again

It’s lovely not feeling alone in this



Hi O, dunno what to say, except glad you now feel able to move on.

A diagnosis of PPMS isnt what we`d want, but there is still a good life to be lived. Give yourself time to assimilate the news.

luv Pollx

Thank you Poll,

Love the word ‘assimilate’, feel like I’m part of ‘the collective’ for all the trekky fans out there . The word I’ve been using to describe how this all feels is ‘immensity’. I’m having a nite in Keswick on Thursday to get away from it all, really need it.

Commence assimilation

Hugs to all of you


May your revel cheer you!

luv Pollx

Well, we had a lovely time in Keswick! I’m soooooooooooooooo paying for it now though

It was worth it though Commence much sitting today.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend.