First post I'm worried about what's wrong

Sorry if I ramble but that my brain at the min So it all started last feb I was getting really bad headaches/migraine, going dizzy, over heated to the point of collapse and I was aching all over this lasted for about a month so I whent to the docs she sent me off for full bloods and an ECG both came back fine so she just gave me vertigo meds for 2 weeks to try they didn’t help so I game up and just whent on with life and everything disappeared I was back to normal In may 2012 I started feeling really down about things that have happened in my life and I was getting really tired I’d go for a nap every afternoon for at least two hours because I was so tired and my legs were killing me so my mum took me to the docs she diagnosed depression so more meds all they did was make me hyper did nothing for my tiredness so after a few months I stoped taking them all back to normal apart from being so tired Then this year in at the start of July my eyes started hurting and my nystagmus was getting worse but it was time for my eye test at the hosp I have have one very year I was born with cataract so it’s just a check up so by the time of my appointment I was getting migraines and eye presure in both eyes told my specialist she said go the the docs and ask to see a nuro by the time I got my nuro appointment my memory was really bad I have to wright down everything and I’m having trouble with finding words and my balance is also very bad So m&p told my nuro all of this he did an exam and sent me for an MRI he said if its clear I need a lumber puncture so I had my MRI on the 27th of oct so I just have to wait now I proble have missed some things off because like I say my memory has gone I’m only 22 so but worried

Oh yar I did forget so thing I get pain in my neck that goes down to my left elbow

Hello hun.

Well some of your symptoms could be down to ms, but they could be due to many other things too.

Try not to panic and wait till you get your results.

I know it is a very scary time for you…you`re so young and shouldnt have all this rubbish to deal with,

I hope your neuro can help and give you some good news.

luv Pollx

I’m only 23 and I’ve got my neuro appointment in just over a week now. I always think of things that could be much worse. I take it day to day and know that at some point I will get my answer. Until then, I just get on with what I can do and be thankful for it.

I know how scary it is and if you ever need a rant or anything you can always PM me. I sometimes have little breakdowns and think about how this could affect my future, but I still have today! I still have tomorrow and I still have my future. It might turn out a bit different and I might have a few more obstacles, but it could always be so much worse.

Just breathe deep, talk to someone if you have someone to talk to and don’t be afraid to have a little cry and face the fear of the unknown. Just don’t let it be something you have to do everyday.

Lots of hugs and wishes your way,

Tsuki xxx

Just been on the phone with my nuro sec they have misplaced my report how I will never know its all electronic I’ve got a horrid feeling I will have to have another mri


There is a condition Candida/Candiasis that can cause Headaches/migraines dizziness, brain fog, joint pain etc etc.

It is caused by Antibiotic use, stress and poor diet…

Doctors deny it because of its Antibiotic link.Antibiotics kill the bad bacteria, but the natural good bacteria of the gut, thus causing leaky gut syndrome.

I hope this helps