First Neuro appt done.

Hi all I just had my first appt today he was very nice and listened to me and examined me as far as I can tell I passed the tests except for walking heel to toe and standing eyes closed. Oh and running stick up my feet don’t know what response he was getting at but my legs kept jumping backwards towards body. Anyway my Dr sent me to him for a brain scan but he said wants one of the brain and spine is this typical or should I be worried?? Xxx Thanks

Hi Evie All of my scans I have had have been of both my brain and spine so that’s normal for them to want to check both. Hopefully you won’t be waiting too long for your scan and results. Polly x

Hi, My MRI was on the brain and spine so totally normal :slight_smile: Lorna x

That’s good then my first thought was only planning on one lol. He didn’t even mention anything about what it could be I didn’t really want to know anyway so didn’t ask just wait and see. I Do hope its not long but won’t hold my breath can’t see it being before Christmas. Thankyou for putting me at ease over that xxx