First EVER neuro appointment today!

I have my first ever neuro appointment today at 10:30 today... I'm not feeling too bad!

I'm kind of excited, in a weird kind of way. It'll be interesting, I hope! And finally I can stop being tempted to perform Babinksi tests on myself every day! 

I just hope the doctor will be open to any questions I might have.. 

How long does a 1st appointment usually take? :S I just hope they're nice..

Hope your appointment goes well ,let us know how you got on .

Sam x


Hope it goes well. Take a list of questions with you. Hope you get on well with neuro-it helps
Take it easy

Mike x

I had my first neuro appointment today, too.


How did it go?

Hope it goes well and you get a good neuro

Hi Shiller & HeatherFeather
Hope it goes well.


Hope all goes well and from my experience they can last from 5-40 mins so depends which brand of neuro you get!

Let us know how it goes


Good luck Shiller and HeatherFeather. Keep us posted.


Thank you all so much! I've just got back. 

It went incredibly well: he was very welcoming and very sweet... ! You might be able to imagine my shock... (He actually told me to try to relax because I think it was obvious I walked in feeling insanely tense *doh!*) >.< 

He performed eye movement tests on account of how my left eye can't look outward / left, and it seemed like a positive thing to him that I only have double vision when I try to look left. I tested perfect for things like picking up sensation, hearing, co-ordination, balance, and strength in both sides of my body (lol, one of the tests was that I had to squeeze his fingers as tight as I could!) which was very, very reassuring to me. 

He told me that my symptoms weren't typical of MS in the nature of how my symptoms fluctuate: my symptoms are basically very variable from even hour to hour. I've never been woken up by the severity of any symptoms, aside from depression. He also told me about how MS can be like the mimicer of other illnessess. 

It seems to me right now that based on how this went, my problems could possibly be leaning towards the anxiety side of things, however he has booked me an MRI scan for my brain and spine. He also prescribed me Allegron tablets to help me with anxiety and sleeping problems. 

I was very grateful to him for his help and he shook my hand! I do so hope that I get to see him again if I have to have any more neuro visits after my MRI! 


What a positive experience - so glad it went well happy2

Karen x

Well thats a very positive start to your journey,the next step in terms of tests is arranged,so hopefully that will equip you with the strength to carry on in limbo.

Take care and dont forget to carry on keeping a record of what happens during the next few months.


Wow excellent! Hope for us all yet. I'm so glad you had a positive experience Shiller.X

Hi Shiller.

I am so pleased it all went well for you today and your neuro was great.  You should probably still keep a record of how things are going with you and of any new symptoms; if only for your own peace of mind.

Take care of yourself and I really hope the scans go well xx

Hi there Shiller - really glad it went well for you. It’s lovely to hear that you have a good neuro. They seem to be quite rare!

Teresa xx

Glad it went well for you, its always nice to read about people who had a good neuro.

Take care