Fireworks in my eyeballs?

I came in from gardening this afternoon and bent down to pick something up and when I stood up I had these beautiful little lights twinkling in my lower vision. It was like little fireworks or stars twinkling and was really pretty. Wouldn’t want it all the time but enjoyed it while it lasted. Anyone had the same experience?


I wonder if you have low blood pressure. A similar effect can occur on standing after bending.

I get those too! I often get little bright sparkles of light in my vision and i can get them at any time, not just on standing or bending… Ive often wondered what they were, and i know there not a migraine as get those too and the lights are strong black and white zigzags so definately not the same. Its true I do have low blood pressure though, maybe its down to that… best get your blood pressure checked!

Hello Mags,

I would advise you to get your eyes checked out at opticians, as this can occur for many reasons and an optician would have a better idea of what could be causing it. I don’t want to alarm you in any way but for your own sake find out what’s caused it.



I suspect you just stood up too quickly!

As others have suggested, low blood pressure may be a contributory factor (some medications may cause this), but I don’t think it’s that rare, even for people who are perfectly well.

It’s just a case of if you stand up very suddenly, from a stooping, sitting, or lying position, your heart literally can’t get enough blood to your head fast enough, so you momentarily “see stars”.

I have thought they were small flies before, and tried to swat them - only to realise that yes, a second before, I’d stood up too quickly, and they’re not really there at all.

I don’t think it has anything to do with MS.

If it’s only the single incident, I wouldn’t even worry about it. If you notice it more frequently, you might need a checkup, to see if your blood pressure is low, and whether there’s any underlying reason for it.

I took a drug once, called lofepramine, which noticeably caused it.


I have had this, not for a while though. Are they not similar to floaters?

Hi Auntiemogs, If it happens again get your eyes checked out. It can be a sign of a problem with the retina/and or vitreous gel in your eye, both potentially serious, so worth getting a check up xx

Thanks guys.

Think I do have low BP but it’s never happened before, usually just feel dizzy & a bit faint. Was very pretty but if it starts to happen regularly I shall toddle off to see the GP.

Thanks so much for the replies.

Mags xxx