Hi, I just wondered how many on here can actually do this exercise, the 1 when the neuro is testing you, can you bring finger and thumb together, I hope I’ve explained that right, finger to thumb, then the other and so on, because I can do this okish, he said normally people with MS can’t do it so well, I’vwe been diagnosed for years now, I’m SPMS,

I’ve got no problem with it at all. I’m PPMS diagnosed almost 3 years ago.

It depends on where your lesions are located and if one side is stronger than the other.

so sorry Moirah, are you saying you can do this no problem ?

OMG whammel, I don’t understand that

Yes, I’ve got no problems with either hand, but as Whammel says, my lesions must be elsewhere.

well that;s good to know, my lesions must not be in the right place either.

I’m spms and I can do this no problem, so why do neuros day these things ?

I have no major problem doing it with my left hand, but am useless with my right. And I’m right handed so it’s a total pain in the derrière. I can’t write anymore. Luckily it’s rarely called for. My signature doesn’t look like it ever did before, luckily that doesn’t seem to be noticed by anyone.

I’ve the delight of a ‘progressive relapsing’ diagnosis. So the finest of all worlds. It’s best described as Advanced MS I think.



I can do the pincer grip, thumb to index finger, with my right hand but not with my left and it started about 2 years ago. Lack of grip in left hand too.

Also left foot foot drop.

I’m part of a MS study and was sent a nine hole peg test that measures dexterity. Neurorological test.

9 little matchsticks and 9 holes (3 x 3). You time how long it takes to pick up sticks one by one and put them in the holes then take them all out.

Do it 2 times with each hand. Took almost twice as long last time.

Use it as a test for Parkinson’s too.

I use a squeeze ball to keep the strength in my hand.