Finger pain

Does anyone have finger pain…I’ve had sensations in both hands for over a year now and used get some pain too. However I’m recent days I’ve started getting some pains in my fingers especially the little one, its more annoying than anything…anyone else had this ? It does make me feel like my arm/hand is a little weaker too? Lisa x

Hi Lisa, I too have finger pain, which is associated with stiffness and sometimes intense pins and needles. Mine also started in my little finger; as usual my GP said it was caused by my cervical cord lesions (I thought it was early arthritis). I am now experiencing pain and stiffness in the first finger of both hands, but GP has dismissed this again because I also have altered sensation in my hand, so said its my MS. If you are noticing arm & hand weakness too, it is probably worth mentioning to your neuro during your next review. TT

I’ve mentioned it before and he felt it was ms symptoms, as initially he was going to get me tested for carpel tunnel. I don’t think it’s that as I have friends who have that and that sounds more intense and more painful. From my scans I have no lesions on my cervical cord although following this relapse I have a weak left leg so now wonder if there is some there (hoping not) … People have said weakness on the leg does not necessarily mean there is?? The finger pain is worse when tired/stressed! Lisa x