Fined for not peeing myself


Recently during a day out with family, i suddenly got the urge to pee, badly, i suffer from bladder urgency, i was in an area i didnt know, just lots of houses and alleys, so instead of peeing myself miles away from home i looked for what i thought would be an acceptable place to relieve myself, which happened to be down an alley next to bins…but to my horror as i was leaving the alley i had a police car pull over as if i had robbed someone, this cretin of a police officer lept out the car and shouted at me to follow her, she made me walk back to where i had done my deed and continued to bark at me to tell her what i thought i was doing, i tried to explain to her that i had MS and bladder urgency, she was having none of it and said, i quote ‘‘so people who put their bins out here have to suffer the smell of pee here because of that’’, i got a bit angry at that as i had clearly not been the only person to have urinated down that alley, i told her she should as a public servant be more understanding of my condition and to put herself in my shoes, having to weigh up whether i pee myself or pee down an alley, she didnt react very well to this and she decided i shouldnt be telling her how to do her job and fined me.

I am discusted by people sometimes!!

DIsgustingI would get a letter from your gp and go along to your local police station see either the sergeant or community police officer and explain your situation. I would hope they have the decency to over turn this ridiculous decision,and have some compassion for your situation.

i agree with deanne

get em told

carole x

Im disgusted also. Make a complaint at the station. With more and more public toilets being closed (in my area) it is getting more and more difficult to find a toilet quickly anyway. Teresa.x

You could get a card (from the MS Society) with a message along the lines ‘I have MS - it isn’t catching - and I need to use the toilet in a hurry’ for this type of situation. It is in different languages, too.


Complain/report, do whatever you need to do, that’s terrible :frowning:

I’ve come to realise I do have a bit of a retention issue and that makes me really nervous - I luckily had the heads up from an acquaintence who has a spinal condition, she explained if she retained too much she’d be caught off guard and has has a couple of embarrassing incidents - I am currently teaching myself to be patient! I often stop once or twice but will sit and wait!

I understand the police will book people for taking a leak against a wall BUT if you have a medical condition, it’s a different story!!!

Sonia x

Hate it when people “in authority” blindly charge in then can’t back down because they’ll look silly.

I think you need to make a complaint to the local police station. And if you don’t get any joy, write to your MP. You didn’t happen to get the PC’s number?

Now there is an ancient law that allows you to ‘pee’ on one of the wheels of your car - when out. lt goes back to stage-coaches - of course its alright for men - or lucky ladies like myself who have a SPC - yes, l have the technology - and l can pee standing up!!

Anyone know which wheel it is - l feel a good google coming on.

I, like you have the sudden urgency thing. i also retain which means once ive been not long after i need to go again. this is a major problem in my local Tescos as the toilets are at the beginning of the store ( i go when i get there) but by the time i get halfway or the end of my shopping, i need to go again. i have never made it! i at mo is learning to self cathertise so hopefully soon i can get rid of all my wee before i go out. I got from Bullen healthcare people ( where i got some catherters from) a card that says in bold letters URGENT PRIORITY, the holder of this card has a medical condition and needs to be allowed priority in using toilet facilities URGENTLY. so far ive not had to use it as there has always been a toilet free but i am a bit scared to use it if i have to, just incase i get someone who isnt nice about it ( im a bit of a scaredy cat) mind you it will only be usefull if there are toilets to go to, which isnt always the case.

Lisa x.

Space jacket, I was aware off that law too, because of a quiz the local radio station used to do. Cww I don’t know if I would complain as such, if I was you I would just write a polite letter(not sure where to tbh, perhaps the police station that charged you), I would include all the details of the charges against you and apologise (yes, its never a bad idea to apologise IMO, even if you 're not in the wrong, then explain about your urgency and what happened. Keep it brief and to the point, I wouldn’t bother complaining about the police officer because they will probably listen to her word over yours. However, reading back over your post, I’m not now sure if you were charged for peeing in public or being rude to the police officer. If it was for peein in public I think you have a good case for getting the charge overturned, if it was for being rude, then I don’t think you do. I’d write a letter anyway and see what they say. Cheryl:-) Cheryl:-)

The “ancient law” is only from Victorian times (or at least it was when a lot of older laws were written down) and it actually only applies to Taxi (Hackney Carriage) drivers. In Georgian times and before people were a lot less precvious about pee and poo and even the poshest dinner party guests (male and female) would releive themselves using a chamber pot in the middle of the dining room!

It’s part of the “Town Police Clauses Act” which covers lots of the laws that were considered necessary when you had a lot of people living close together in towns. It’s got great stuff about when you can peg out your washing and when you can beat your carpets and rugs too. A lot of it is still in force and STILL GETS USED TODAY!!! (In fact, up to relatively recently, that is the Act that the OP would (technically) have been comitting an offence under.

Rear offside Hackney Carriage wheel.

And if anybody is concerned about the inherent sexism in the permission to pee on vehicle wheels I was always told that any woman (possibly pregnant women only but the story changes) is allowed to piddle in a policeman’s helmet (hidden from passing pedestrians by his long uniform cape).

I don’t know if this is an urban myth or not and I haven’t had the bottle to try asking. And as I am not just incontinent of urine it probably wouldn’t be a good thing if I did …

Yes folks my memory is shot and my last MRI scan made my brain look like Swiss cheese but I can remember this from college days (Not a lot of laughs in Stones Justices Manual I can tell you)

My name is Boblatina and my specialist subject is incontinence

l think the charge for ‘peeing in public’ is classified as ‘lndecent Exposure’. So you certainly do not want that on record.

You could tell the ‘occifer’ - that if he did not drop the charge - you might pee in his helmet next time.

“Indecent Exposure” had to have an element of indecency about it (ie something sexual) The wording of the charge was all about “you lewdly and laciviously exposed your person”. It was the charge for flashers (or as most lawyers used to call them “willy-wagglers”) as opposed to straightforward wee-ers.

I really need to step away from the forum don’t I?

The Victorian hackney carriage driver

(a) wasn’t permitted to leave his hackney carriage unattended, so needed this pee relief - police constables were empowered to drive an unattended carriage away, whether for animal protection, to clear an obstruction or reduce risk of animals bolting and

(b) would be reasonably well hidden if he was only permitted to pee on the rear offside wheel of his hackney carriage - these would have had shoulder-head height wheels, with a raised cabin alongside & above and

(c) according to urban legend, had to keep one hand on his hackney carriage throughout the procedure - to disguise what he was doing, to show he wasn’t doing summat else, or to prove that he was sober and dextrous?! Oh, and allegedly to shout “in pain in pain in pain” before commencing the procedure so that ladies might avert their eyes.

These days, an apology and a promise to return with a bucket of water and disinfectant might get more sympathy from residents and officers of the law.

Lolli xx