Finally have a review for investigations

Hey all

Just to say I finally have a review on the 25th Nov for Bloods, mri, VEP, SSEP, LP. I have a follow-up review with the neuro 6th Feb but I presume if something is found he’ll contact me for an earlier review.

Hope we managed to get some answers after 2 years of symptoms and seeing neuros and two non-specfici MRI findings.

The next month is going to feel the longest - hope it goes quick.

Wish me luck



I hope this months runs quickly for you aswell - wishing you lots of luck, and hoping you get the answers you need


Good luck Reemz hope you get somewhere after all those tests:)

Sonia x

Best of luck, Reemz! I’m counting down to Nov 25th aswell for my first neuro appointment. Hope you finally get some answers :slight_smile:

good luck

Good luck from me too.


Good luck hope this month flies by A xxx

Good luck xx Sam :slight_smile:

Hi Reems…best of luck so pleased you are getting a review…let us know how you get on… em x

Thank you guys. :slight_smile:

Had a confusing letter now saying I need to go for an MRI 2 days later but then original letter also says I’m having MRI when admitted for LP/SSEP and VEP. Mind boggles - I guess it’s better having too many appointments. Hope I don’t have to go on seperate day for MRI - my managers good but having monday off for tests part of wednesday for MRI and then half day friday as at dentist is probably pushing it a bit even for her!

Reikiblossom good luck with your 1st appt will think of you.