Feel like it's D-day

Well I’m due for my fourth neuro review today at 12.15. 2 stable MRI’s (clinically uncertain lesions in subcortical area), 3 episodes of symptoms and a you have had a epsiode of spinal inflammation as the ? diagnosis - lets see what he’s got to say today.

So nervous - after the way the last two reviews have gone I’ve prepared myself for the worst (he never listens). I incidentally have a GP review this evening too - if my neuro review goes terribly I’m going to ask for a second opinion.



Mornin Reemz xxx So hope you get the answers you need today x hurry up & let us know as soon as!!

Sending all the very best vibes your way xxxjenxxx

All the best.


Good luck Reemz xx

Thank you all. Lunch scoffed down (well what I could manage) and I’m off .


Good luck hope it goes well today xx

Hope it went well.

Got my second neuro appt and MRI results tomorrow!