Felt like b***h putting mum into respite for a week

Mums just gone for a weeks respite. I hung around the to make sure she was ok, settled and comfortable and then left. I pulled up a few minutes later down the road and wept like a baby. I felt so awful for leaving her. Anyone else felt the same?

You mustn’t feel bad, your mum will be fine and you clearly need the break. Caring for someone is so hard - I have ms myself and would hate for my daughters to feel guilty about something like this. You sound like a lovely daughter/son who cares deeply - give yourself some time to do what you enjoy and recharge ready for her to return home.

The only thing I did that I guess was similar was leaving my girls at playgroup for the first time, so I know how guilty you can feel.

Don’t waste this time feeling guilty as it will go quickly.

Hi, this break will do both you and your mum a world of good.

Everyone needs a break now and then.

As long as you are satisfied that the repsite home will give your mum a good quality care package, relax and enjoy YOUR break too, eh?

luv Pollx