Fellow MSers, 'we' need your help!

Dear all

I have just been told by my wife that the organisation she is working for, MusicSpace in Bristol, needs a few more votes to be awarded a grant by NatWest for the most wonderful work they are doing for disabled people, young and old, disabled by birth or having become severely disabled due to an accident.

The relation to this site is that I was diagnosed with (SP)MS in 2003. We also have a daughter with learning difficulties (Global Developmental Delay). ‘Disabiity’ in general already was close to the heart of my wife (and not only because she too has had severe health issues).

My wife started to work for MusicSpace as a Music Therapist after a 3 year study, that she managed to finish succesfully in spite of the situation at home. I have seen some wonderful sessions whereby it shows that playing an instrument or just listening to someone playing, really makes them smile, not to forget about the fact that for some of them ‘making sounds’ is the only way to communicate and/or to be heard.

That’s why they need your vote! Please read through their story on the website mentioned below, and vote but only if you agree that MusicSpace do some wonderful work! By the way, today is the last day for voting… Many thanks. I will let you know the outcome! Website: http://communityforce.natwest.com/project/976 , thank you!!!

…thank you for the votes received so far, it’s getting very ‘tight’ at the top!


Good Luck



Good Luck


…Many thanks!/ Hartelijk bedankt!/ Herzlichen Dank!/ Merci bien!.. for your votes so far, we’re doing OK!

8½ hours to go…

…votes still coming in, thank you! (less than 3 hours to go…)

…we are doing fine, 465 votes so far! Do not get distracted by the other number, which must be an overall number for the whole of the UK.

We are apparently ‘fighting’ for the first spot in our area, keep on voting but not unless you fully agree with the music therapy this organisation provides for the, in many cases, less fortunate amongst us (whereby it must be said that in most cases it concerns children here).

Thank you all very much for all that voted in the last hours, less than 6 hours to go!

…guess what, I have just been told that voting closes TOMORROW NIGHT (SAT) at 12’o clock…(I blame the …).

So we can still vote tomorrow. Please continue supporting this wonderful organisation (MusicSpace), please have a look on their website (see first message).

I won’t bother you as much as I did today tomórrow, but will keep you posted.

Good night/ Goedenacht/ Guten Nacht/ Bonne nuit! (as good as possible of course without too many 'interruptions…)

…it’s only me… we are going strong…

Hi there

Yes I will cast a vote in your support. The Chilterns MS Therapy Centre at Halton in Bucks is also trying to drum up support in the NatWest Community Force awards, so please vote in their support. There is a link from the MS Society Facebook page, as well.

Thanks and good luck

B x

…I will Bouncy, thank you very much for your suppport. This certainly deserves votes too as MSers are involved.

…still going strong!..

I have voted for you David, we cannot have a Rotary Club taking it away! (with all respect…). Bouncy, can you show me the link to your organisation as I do not seem to be able to find it??

As I understand it now (…), it is still possible to get votes today too?!

All this has actually warmed me up to get more involved with whatever needs attention and is close to my heart, as long as this is possible considering my own home situation.

I am no longer wanted in a job because of my limitations? (as I have to conclude after almost 10 years of struggling), then I will find other ways to make myself known for as long as possible… It’s still better than to stand, sit or lie behind the geraniums at home (which we haven’t got anyway so that is one option gone…).

…do not bother Bouncy, I have just fully opened my eyes and have found the link thanks to Lollipop…

…483!..still going strong! (oops sorry, just wanted to draw attention…)

Thanks, Josfromglos

Wishing you well


You’re welcome Bouncy. More votes received, thank you all very much! I first need a break, I’ll tell you later why…

Yes! We have passed the 500 votes!! Will be enough? Let’s hope so!

My 10 year old son had to play a football match today (let us not discuss the 5-0 loss as the other team were ‘the leaders’), and I accompanied him together with my always-on-the-move daughter (has GDD) and one of his friends (who has CP and also has limited movement).

As my wife needed a well deserved (but short) break, I sacrificed (…) myself and so did my son’s friend… If my daughter would move away from us too much, he would then move into her direction to accompagny her back (as he, unlike me, is still able to sort of run …, again and again…and then again…). My word, the lot of us!

I must admit that I still get very frustrated when all this is ongoing (to be honest, I always will be…, it’s a matter of how to control it!), and I suppose that ‘things’ will actually get more difficult throughout time, but time will tell!

Still, my daughter, my son’s friend and me are still able (ask my wife…) to let the world know when we are uncomfortable (although my daughter has her own ‘verbal’ way of doing this…).

At moments like this I do think of the wonderful work MusicSpace are doing, which is amongst other things creating a possibilty for people to express themselves through music, as they cannot always do this in an ‘understandable vocal way’…they too want to be heard!

Please vote for MusicSpace, it’s all worth it! Thank you (I hardly dare to say it but…still less than 5 hours to go!)

…504! and still 3½ hours to go (yes, yes, I know what I have said on previous occasions…).

I know that it must get rather annoying but…, it’s for the right reasons, and the smiles on those (children’s) faces make it ALL worth it!

(do not get me wrong, I’ll be happy NOT to bother you anymore tomorrow…).

Thank you!