need your help (not ms)

Hi all, i wouldn’t normally do this but my son could do with your help to win £10000! He’s 17 and wants to be a graphic designer, if he c ould win this competition it would pay his university fees. What i’m asking is could you spare a few minutes to go to the link i’ve posted and register to vote, once registered can you then vote for ‘dreams’ by adamt4050 in the imagination gallery??? You could win £50 just for voting and you can vote once a day. I know this is very cheeky of me and i apologise in advance if i have offended anyone

Thanks Kerry x

Hi Tilly, when I read your message I was thinking ‘oh no, what have I started…’ but still decided to have a look as I have been ‘urging’ (in a nice way just like you) people to vote for something truly genuine…, and I really liked what I saw!! Beautiful!

So I certainly felt I needed to vote, and I did, for all the right reasons!

I suppose you have a genuine connection to the MS society, and assuming this IS the case, I advise other readers too to have a look (it’s certainly worth it!, beautiful!).

You know what, all this does take your mind off… (is this proper english?..well you know what I mean?)

Thankyou so much for taking the time to do this, it means an awful lot to myself and my son and thankyou for your comments about his work, i will pass them on.

In answer to your query…yes, i do have a genuine connection to the ms society, i’ve got rrms

Thanks again,

Kerry x

…Still do not know the final result (re MusicSpace)… how are things going with your son Kerry?

It’s hard waiting for results isn’t it i wish you the best of luck.

We’ve got no idea how the votes are going as adobe aren’t publishing them! I’m just annoying all my friends on fb by posting the link…lol!

Posting on here was a bit of a gamble really because i wasn’t sure how people would take it. We just need a few more people like yourself

Thanks again for voting and good luck with MusicSpace.

Kerry x

p.s don’t forget you can vote once a day for the chance to win £50 for yourself