Help MS Society win funds

The latest issue of MS Matters asks readers to go online and vote for their favourite charity in a collaboration between the People’s Postcode Trust and the Daily Mirror. The most popular charity will win £50,000, four runners-up will each win £10,000. The website is and voting closes on 21 October.

I have cast my vote. I hope to see MS in the top five at least.



I had already voted but have cast another one :slight_smile:


PDSA’s winning, by a country mile. I do care about animals, but really, where are people’s priorities? They’d rather help pets than children, or adults living with severe illness. Says it all, really. If it’s cute and furry, it matters more than someone facing life-limiting or life-changing circumstances.

Tina I was just about to post exactly the same. Animal charities are the richest there are. I don’t get it! I’ve just managed to vote again - is there a limit? I could sit and do it all day - but probably still wouldn’t match pdsa :frowning:

Just voted, thanks for the info. After I cast my vote it showed the standings, PDSA on 43% of the vote, Childline 10%. What’s up with people?

From the voting terms and conditions

  • Only one vote per person will be counted. However a further two votes are available on behalf of the voter if s/he post on his/her Twitter or Facebook page via the website.


Thanks for bringing to our attention Bren.

Shazzie xx

I’m trying to cover all bases by being both cute & furry …and having MS !!

Surely some charitable organisation will include me?!!


Done,thanks for that. Posted to my face book page and tweeted.

Done xx

Hahahaha Dom!!

Shazzie x

Thought I would bump this back to Page 1 as MS Society are still only at 7%.

Shazzie xx


The link is blocked at work and I didn’t see this last night as it had slipped to 2nd page! Hopefully I will see it tonight :wink:

Sonia x

voted and shared on facebook!!!

Just voted. Will mail link to all my friends and family in morning.


Voted x

Anyone who has signed the WOW petition, have you also voted for MS Society funds? We can’t let our four-legged friends win.


Done xxx

Wow - when Bren first posted this the MS Society had 7% - now on 20%!!! Good work!