Help MS Society win funds

We’re up to 20% now, that’s a huge leap! We’re now in 2nd place. Do you think it would help if we put this on the Newly Diagnosed forum as well?

Tracey x

Yey!!!. We came 3rd. Didn’t we do well??

Shazzie xx

We did do well, thanks to everyone who voted for the MS Society


Oh that is good, I’ve just had an email to say that the PDSA won the £500k. As much as I love them to bits, you can’t compete with animal charities! I didn’t see anything about the runners up.

Wendy x

The email I got Wendy said PDSA came first, RNLI, MS Society, Alzeimers Society.

Shazzie xx

Thanks Shazzie I obviously wasn’t concentrating, no change there then.

Wendy x