Feels like phelgm in throat help ???

Hi, I have rrms. For the last few days it feels like there is phelgm in my throat, and it is hard to clear it. Does anyone get this?? Is it a relapse? A couple of weeks ago started on Tecfidera. Thanks for any answers.

Phelgm & swallow is all part of the MS journey for some folk, I was told dairy products don’t help with phelgm either.

Hi, I also get a lot of thick saliva…drinking more water may help. Boudsx

Hi, I drink hot drinks to try and get rid of it.

I had the exact same thing last week. Like phlegm stuck in lower part of throat and it wouldn’t come up. Felt crap for a few days so I think it’s some bug going around. Im still not feeling the best the last week but that phlegm stuck feeling went away after 3 days.

It’s just one of the irritating things with this disease. It’s often difficult to decide if it’s he M:S, or just an ordinary irritation: I must admit I attribute most things to the M:S so it’s at least a bit of a relief when just have an issue that can be endured by everyone!

I know how you feel I get the same thing. It is particularly annoying when you have to recline for 20 minutes motionless for an MRI scan. it is often a relief though when it turns out that something isn’t MS related as most things feel as though they are.

I don’t so much get phlegm, but I do have a feeling constantly of a hair being stuck there, I tried everything to dislodge it, but no it’s still there, my nurse said it’s properly nerve damage making me have this sensation, maybe it’s the same with the phlegm ?