Strange feelings

Hello peeps I’m suffering with some strange symptoms I have never had and don’t know if it is MS related. If I try to explain I wonder if anyone has had anything similar so here goes.

I had a water infection 10 days ago which cleared up with some pills. But since I have the pains of a sore throat without the sore throat my glands are sore

I’m finding it difficult to swallow and every time I move I get this shooting pain from my throat glands to the top of my back and my chest area. I had an ecg,blood pressure etc etc checked yesterday and everything was fine. I was told it was MS related and to see what it’s like on Tues.

Any ideas

never a dull moment with ms is there! i reckon that if you couldn’t make it up, then it’s likely to be ms. if it is still as bad on tuesday get back to your doctor.

Occasionally I get swollen lymph glands in the neck.

It never amounts to anything but my system is obviously fighting an infection.


Here goes.haven,t been on the site for a while. I have had spms,for years. Usually the symptoms of ur body fighting something.Go back to Docs on Tuesday.possibly a low immune due to infection.Keep smiling .Jeanette.