Well this is a new one to me and I can’t even say it’s ppms. Got up this morning and the usual morning cramps started, as I got out of bed I felt really weird all my joints ached quite badly more than ever ever before and my fingers felt huge and the joints also badly ached, my back was like I had been bee ten with a bat and my sides, neck pain and a dull pain but only in one 1/4 of my head. Wondering if it’s the hug come back with a big vengeance, I just feel like staying in bed.


I have heard of quite a number of people with MS who mention cold or flu like symptoms, on top of their usual sensations, or lack of them.

I have had it on and off for several years. Pain in the sinus, aching joints, swollen or painful lymph glands.



Hi Drummer boy (apologies I’ve forgot your name),

Maybe just a thought… but as well as having PPMS I’ve also got Fibromyalgia & Arthritis (in various places) which can also feel very much like you’ve got the Flu going on and the description you’ve given especially of your fingers feeling huge makes me wonder whether it could possibly be one of these, or maybe it is the Flu!!!

I’ve not experienced the MS hug so I’m not sure how that would feel exactly so I can’t comment on that part.

Anyway, hope you’re ok?

Twinkle Toes x

Hi guys, thanks for the feedback. I actually don’t feel as bad today as yesterday it’s kind of like a dulled down version today, fingers still feel like someone else’s, I have experienced the hug once before but that was just by back and around my sides. It’s so flipping difficult to diagnose another symptom. Let’s hope it’s a bit better tomorrow


hope you feel even better tomorrow.

ain’t it a crop of cr*p?

Hi guys just back to my normal day to day symptoms now, the only one that does my head in is the fatigue it’s a crippler had my assessment today for a stair lift from the local council, she said no to the stair lift as she felt it wouldn’t be safe when I was on my own and recommends a through the ceiling lift God knows how much room that would take up. She’s recommended a wet room as she felt the bath was not a safe option. My bed has to be raised which she is organising. Now this is all well and good but the wife and I live in a 3 bed house belonging to a housing group. Now how likely are they to agree to the work when they would want this house to put a family in, now I can understand some people saying you should make way for a young family, but we have lived here 26 years and spent a lot of money getting it nice and how we want a home to be, our 4 kids were bought up here the grandkids stay over. Now the lady that came said in all honesty they are offering people in a similar situation ground floor flats and there is no way I want to give up my house for a flat on dodgy estates I’ll sleep downstairs first

Hiya. Pursue the housing authority. Why should you give up your home. Wishing you good luck.

Hi Pete,

Glad you’re feeling better than you were, it’s bad enough that we have to deal with “normal” everyday symptoms and then something else being added to the mix too.

That’s great news that the Assessment Officer is going to sort out your bed being raised and that she’s also recommended a Wet Room which would be so much easier for you.

As for the Stair Lift I totally understand her saying no on the basis it wouldn’t be safe for you to use when your on your own but the Ceiling Lift would be more suited for you, and as she suggested it it must be available for you and that there must be enough room for it too.

I totally understand your wanting to stay there as it’s yours (& your family’s home) and you’ve lived there for a number of years and you’ve got/made all your family memories there, along with spending a lot of money too to get your house how you want it but tbh Pete I think you’re going to really have to stand (no pun intended) your ground on this.

I wish you lots of luck with it all and hope it goes well.

Twinkle Toes x

Well good news regards the stair lift, we found one on shpock practically brand new stannah 420 which belonged to an elderly lady who had sadly past away. The family let us have it for £160 I couldn’t believe it, my grandaughters chap fetched it in his pick up and my wife’s friends husband fitted it for one of our home made curry’s and it’s made life so much easier. I also get to stay here a little bit longer now lol.