Can PPMS suddenly affect the other side of the body?

Hi i have always had my issues on the left side of my body, weakness, pain in foot spasms, hug, pins and needles you name it but mainly left sided. Yes on my right side i get tingling and a few sensory issues but nothing compared to the left.

Suddenly in the last few weeks my right side seems to be following my left slowly, and i am now shuffling along trying to stay upright as my right side would always keep my left side upright. Today i have spasms in my shoulder, hand and thigh on my right side never had it before, and i feel really weak.

I am not sure if its all been triggered by my husbands death but wondering if i should be worried or should i go see doctor.

I had a bad day the other day felt really light headed and my BP was really high even on my tablets.

Not sure what is happening. My left side is worse now and i am struggling to do much.

I am even considering now to sell my house and perhaps move into sheltered as i am finding it all too much on my own.

Oh dear i am being a wimp but i do feel rotten. x

Hello CC. Well you’re not being a wimp because this is life-affecting stuff. I know that my right hand side is beginning to suffer too. And there’s no shame about sheltered housing. As soon as my flat is sold I’m there. I can still be fiercely independent; box clever and try not too get frustrated. Steve

Hi Crazy Chick, Don’t underestimate what stress can do to the body. You have been through so much in the last few weeks.

I think it’s time for a visit to the Drs and see what they think. It may be that sheltered housing is the way to go for you.

I often wonder what would happen to me if anything happened to my husband. I’d like to think I would manage but I’m not so sure.

I would love to give you a hug.

Mags xx


Firstly you are most definitely not being a wimp, this condition takes some putting up with, plus you have been through an awful time of late, so please don’t be hard on yourself.

Sheltered housing could be the way to go, not only would you have peace of mind if you needed help, but also it would give you company if you wanted. Give yourself time, and if you feel it’s the right move for you then go for it.

My MS affects both sides, but then we are all different, but it maybe a good idea to have a word with either your GP, Neuro or MS nurse.


Pam x

thanks guys it help to talk it through on here. My family dont get my MS they try but they have no clue. I have spoke about SH to our local housing, and they said having my home does not stop me applying, getting a letter from the doctor would support my application so i will do that, i am going to wait now until i know why my hubby died and then after new year i will make a decision. I shall see my GP about my symptoms but she is not really MS savvy and will just tell me to rest. I wish i could just stop thinking about hubby and why he left in such a way, but hopefully we shall have answers soon. Thank you again for taking the time to support me. xxxxxxxxx

I dont think you are being a wimp at all. The stress of losing your husband must be awful it’s no wonder that the ms has been worse. Michelle and Frazer xx