Does PPMS affect both sides of the body or just one?

Hi all! I know RRMS typically affects one side of the body initially or at a time, is it the same with PPMS or does PPMS affect both sides? So if you had numbness or pins and needles for example would it only occur on one side or both? Also does fatigue occur more in those with RRMS? I’ve found a lot less people with PPMS speak of it than those with RRMS.

(I posted this in the PPMS forum but decided to put it in here too as I know not many people use that one anymore)

My understanding is that it doesn’t matter if you’er RRMS, SPMS or PPMS, the damage to the nerves could occur ANYWHERE, one side or both ?

As for fatigue, I’m SPMS and I’m far far worse now than I was when I was RRMS, I might be wrong but I’ve not heard of fatigue being easier as the MS progresses, dare I say it usually gets worse. hence the word “progressive” in SPMS & PPMS.

It might be that someone with PPMS has less mobility than some with SPMS and RRMS, so they might feel less fatigued as they are not as mobile ?

That’s just a guess though ?

My sister is still classed as RRMS, yet her mobility and general movement is worse than mine, theres a chap on the same trial as me at our clinic, he’s SPMS and far worse than myself or my sister in regards to actual mobility.

My point is no two people with MS are the same, no matter what your official “title” may be .

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I agree with jactac, labels can help a bit, but when there are so many variables involved you can not draw reliable conclusions from descriptors or labels, far too much variation to allow anything more than the slightest comparisons.