does PPMS typically effect both sides of the body or just one?

Hi all! I know RRMS typically affects one side of the body initially or at a time, is it the same with PPMS or does PPMS affect both sides? Also does fatigue occur more in those with RRMS? I’ve found a lot less people with PPMS speak of it than those with RRMS.

Hello Anon.

In my case It affects my left. I know two others where it has affected their legs mostly. Either way, it’s a rum deal.

Good wishes.

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Hello everyone who can read this. I’ve only just joined the forum so please bear with me. I have PPMS and it effects mainly my left side, what I’d like to know has any body suffered trigeminal neuralgia as part of MS? I’m at the moment under treatment for the latest attack, very painful, if there is any fellow sufferers, what treatment was prescribed and how long for? Thank you in advance for any comments.

My right side is weaker than the left, I also have a tremor in my right hand and arm. Oh and for good measure I’m right handed.

My right side has become slowly weaker over many years, but I recently had my first ever relapse attacking my left side. Got some numbness and weakness that I’ve made a partial recovery from. Not sure how inflammation occurs like that in PPMS but there we go.