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Hi giys

for you with ppms or RRMS do you have arm issues that come and go and change from sensory to motor etc.

simce this all started about 4 months ago I had on off arm aches in right arm for about an hour, then it turned to cold feelings from shoulder to elbow, then sharp pains and then muscle aches with twitches in the shoulder and elbow. It’s not both arms on and off and from the shoulder through the top of the arm?

is this normal? Can it present like this? And changing from sensory to motor etc?

im havjng a really bad day and this so early is worrying me about the future

Hello Kris.

Your symptoms paint a familiar picture. However they may manifest themselves, these issues may well become a significant part of you. Getting used to bad days or phases is really tough but it’s amazing how you adapt to things. I think that 4 months in (obviously you had symptoms before that) things are nowhere near settled.

All I can say is that even after 28 years of PPMS, I have good days-bloody good days! This forum and the site in general are a real help.

Best wishes, Steve


Hear hear Steve!

Pat xx

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Thanks guys and thanks steve

the only thing is these are my first sympotms and I’m only 30 so to get all this after 4 months is worrying me a bit, I seem like I get control of things and then a sympotm will get worse or a new one will start and it wrecks me again

Hi Kris,

I have always found that sensory things like numbness effects my left side and weakness my right. It is known as Brown Sequard Pattern. It happens when one side (on my case right) of spinal cord is effected. In fact I have never had weakness on left side and never numbness on right !

When I had my first attack in 2008 my right arm felt so weak and I found it awkward to write. My GP tested my strength and said it was normal as was my grip strength. It is odd because this recovered and I have not had any problems with my right hand and arm since. Sometimes I wonder if I had one attack as RRMS, recovered and then went into SPMS. Me saying this and I dont even have a DX.

Moyna xxx

Haha I’m the same as you know

i get the pains in both legs and arms in almost identical places which is what worries me, the legs worse on left but same type in both and arms worse on right but same pain both?! It’s really odd.

I know Ms shouldn’t present like this

Hi Kris

I am new to this ms. I went with a dropped foot coming on after a few miles of walking and lower back pain . I was diagnosed 2weeks ago and have leg muscle twitching and what feels like carpel tunnel in my right hand. I keep thinking its psychosomatic as had no other symptoms before diagnosis.

I think I spend too much time thinking about different sensations,twinges etc and not enough time getting on with living. Think I need to learn to distract myself better. Reading all the comments on these forums has helped me a lot. So thank you all.

Dewdrop it’s really really really normal to notice symptoms once you are dx… and also to feel a bit obsessed by them.

Don’t worry about it. It will pass. Sometimes now I honestly don’t even notice a daily symptom until someone else mentions it.

Don’t beat yourself up about it. You’re in very ‘early days’.

It’s not psychosomatic… it’s just that you’re noticing things that you didn’t notice before.

Glad the board has helped. I’ve been on here for gosh… (thinking)… 7 years! It has always helped a lot. Can’t imagine how MSers manage with having an MS family!

Pat xx

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If it helps any I get all sorts of symptoms that can affect either both or one side of my body from strange sensations to pain or tremors. According to the medical team my left side is weaker (sometimes I agree, but at others I’m not sure) but I get more symptoms on my right.

Even my reflexes respond differently on each side of my body, which was very exciting for the junior doctors on my last admission to hospital. Apparently it’s quite unusual so they all returned to examine me with much enthusiasm which ended with me suffering much pain. The nervous system is a very strange and unpredictable thing, just accept it.

Dewdrop your story is very similar to how I started, we were certain I’d slipped a disc in my lower back with my symptoms too. I had bad lower back pain and leg and foot symptoms that then progressed to bladder, after which a physio realised there was more going on and got me referred to a specialist team.

We all started out differently but as you know, ms appears with very strange and bizarre symptoms. This forum has been a lifeline for me, don’t know where I’d be without the lovely people here.

Take care

Cath x

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