Feeling sick every day. ...

Currently taking anti sickness tablets on a daily basis as prescribed by doc. Have suspected ear infection which they wont treat as that will cause more issues. I have gone back to work this week but struggling as still feel suck and vety tired most of the time… plus i am pretty sure i have anxiety :frowning: any suggestions as i didnt think suckness was common in ms?

Have you had ms confirmed and if so, are you on any dmd?

If so, maybe contact your ms nurse for advice?

Being sick is not a prevalent symptom of MS, but I presume if it’s tied up with vertigo it can be. Unfortunately, you may be having an attack and a short; 5-day course of steroids may be called for.

If you get any problems at work; don’t forget Get support in work if you have a disability or health condition (Access to Work) - GOV.UK lots of benefits.



i struggle with this! tried various meds-the most effective that i have found is cocculous and wearing travel bands. domperidone and kwells etc make me pee-already an issue so less medication the better. on the bright side it contributed to me losing 5 stone!


Chill babe, a plain biscuit or ginger nut works wonders. Any chance you are pregnant? This applies only to womensuck a wee sweetie. And remember to breathe this does help. M xx

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No chance i am pregnant…blessed with 2 young kids already not after having more though! Think need to chill and try to manage the fatigue which seems to be part of the issue …

hi worried

no wonder you’re knackered with two young children.

my advice is to make the most of them because they will soon undergo several transformations - into teenagers (god help you) then adults which although they may leave home they’ll always pop back to tell you their problems, lastly the grumpy old men/women.

so if they take an afternoon nap, join them.

read them lots of stories and have lots of cuddles.

mine are 28 and 29 but i long for the days when they were 2 and 3.

honestly housework can wait, the fairies come and do it eventually.

then you can ring your ms nurse for advice.

gingernuts are good for settling your tum.

take care

carole x

I felt sick all last week, I think it was my body trying to cope with a sore throat and going bananas as usual. It has only just passed and I am hungry at last.

I’ve gone through phases of feeling sick a lot of the time. It is weird, and I’m never quite sure if it is a vertigo sickness, or from the gut. My consultant and MS nurses have both said ‘yep, that’s MS’. Good luck - I hope it just goes away xx

Feeling better yet?

Hi I have already posted as is this unusual. I have had all gi test ultra sound endoscopy stool tests blood tests colon CT scan been to hospital twice have nausea everyday 24/7 for 3 months plus other stomach probs. All my tests came back negative. The gastroenterologist is now saying it could be my ms.

Hi Teapots, ah all those oscopies, cameras etc are routine to rule out anything sinister. Bowel problems, are related to ms symptoms, but the severity of the nausea you describe isn’t listed anywhere in typical symptoms of MS.

Could your constant nausea be related to the meds you have? Anxiety is the pits and a common symptom of MS.

Good luck towards getting some answers and effective treatment x