Feeling Better

Hi All,

Just an update, I am happy to report that most of my symptoms have gone away! yippee!!

I still cant feel temp on left side of body (beginning to think this is permanent?) and i still get affected by the humidity in house! Last night i was buzzing and had ants running all over my left side and right leg…luckily it pased after i got into bed.

I am starting to wonder what i have…plus side is after 4 months it has finally started to settle.

My tremor is much improved…almost down to a slight shake and it gets better throughout the day!

I still am peeing through a straw but i drink loads and this seems to make the flow easier to push and empty properly!

My eye sight in left eye is not as blurry and the headaches have def improved!

Feeling quite chipper and after a lovely holiday with my family i am hoping this is all in my head, its going away and i feel better. Tiredness got much better to, still cant excersise or over heat but hey i not complaining anymore!!! LOL

Theres hope for me yet…yes?

Lea xx

There’s always hope

My relapses often improve about the 4 months mark, and then continue to do so for a long time after that too - so this may only be the start of a complete recovery! Here’s hoping

Karen x

Glad to hear you are improving Lea… gives us all some encouragement that we will get better too!

Please take care of yourself and dont overdo it!

Paula xx


Thanks \karen and Paula…stil all good here! lol

I still haven’t got results of MRI and it was only 3 weeks on tuesday, does it take 4-6 weeks?

And when do i get to see neuro again? Will it be about same time for her to tell me results?

Impatient as ever! hehe

Lea xx