Feelind Rubbish Today


Just abit about myself i have been diagnosed with RRms for nearly two years am 43 married with two daughters one 20 and one just gone 18, know they are not the easiest of ages the younger one never really talks about it!!! but saying that she did come with me to the hospital on my last appointment. I still find it hard to think that i have ms and it only realy registers that i have it when like today i have pain in my left leg and just dont feel my happy self the pain grinds you down and you get where you feel like just giving in. I take gapipentin at the mo but am at the top limit so carn,t take anymore than I already am but am not happy with them anyway as they have not realy helped and i have put weight on with them, so ave been givern amitriplyline to take at night but have,nt started with them yet as i have always hated taking tablets I keep saying i will start them when i am not working but then put it off scared of the side affects like i have said before. At the moment am just down with myself, my family are very supportive and my mum has been amazing even though she finds it hard herself as she worries sick about me.

Thanks for letting me rant!!!


I think pain has a big part to play in how we feel.

I started on the amitriptyline first and found it a big help,but it does take a few weeks to work so you have to bear with it.

I also played around with the dose and the time of taking it. I now take 30mg at 8pm and there is no groggy feeling then at 8am which is my ususal getting up time. It does cause a very dry mouth,but worth it as I’m not constantly getting up for the loo and noticing how much pain i’m in and not being able to sleep.

I really would give them a good try as without pain you will inevitably feel better in yourself.

I am 44,married and a 17+19 yr old kids. We dont ever really talk about it, but my daughter did meet the copaxone nurse and has jabbed me once round the back…but hated it. She wanted to be a paramedic but is reviewing her life choices as a result!!

Your post was hardly a rant, but its good to come on here to let it all out. I think seeing your hidden thoughts in black and white is the first step in addressing whats going on.

Take care


Hiya Lexie,Pip

Thanks Lexie will have a look and see what i think, ye you are properly right pip without pain will feel better i hope. My oldest daughter does talk about it but the youngest not really!! i tell myself its her age and because if i dont understand it how can she. She is between courses at collage but not really sure what she wants to do so like your daughter is reviewing her choices along with lots of shopping!!!.


Hello Jo,

Sorry to hear you’re having a rubbish time at the moment. That wasn’t a rant just a little rumble, we all feel like it at times, that’s why this site is so great, we support one another. I can understand your children not wanting to talk much about it as no child likes to think of one of their parents being ‘ill’. When they are ready they will talk to you about it. I’ve put on weight from the drugs I take, but take a step back, would you prefer the pain, or drugs and a few side effects to cope with? It is difficult to get the balance right and I wish you good luck

Take care.


Hiya Janet

Thanks for that, ye i prob do need to take a step back but like you say its just hard getting the balance right but am sure will get there in the end at the moment just seem to be worrying about everything its friday tomorrow that makes me feel loads better.

take care.