just feeling rubbish

Hi, I’m feeling rubbish. To tired to get dressed today. The arches on my feet are still tight and painful. My legs ache and now by back feels sore/ burnt. Pregabalin isn’t knocking it off. Amatriptalyne (sorry about spelling) knocks me out but leaves me too dopey and drugged to do anything. I feel trembly inside and just feel like I wish I could get my muscles to relax. Does mindfulness ? Work. Where can I find out about it. Or would yoga or meditation work. ? Any suggestions at all would be appreciated. My dr knows little about ms and no ms nurse and I’m not sure if this is a relapse or a suedo relapse. Thanks Lynn

Hi Lynn, I feel completely rubbish too, I have been in bed for 2 weeks unable to get to work its driving me nuts! I had the same problem with amitriptilyn, I found it just knocked me out at nite but I couldnt get up the next morning. I went back to the docs and she gave me nortriptilyn and it seems much better, I have lots of nerve pain an so I take nortriptilyn in morning so im not drowsy through the day then I take 2 tramadol at night so I can sleep through pain. I hope this helps and you feel a little bit better soon. Xx

Hi Lynn

Sorry you’re feeling rubbish - that all sounds like a big bunch of ar*e to deal with - I’m not surprised you feel low. On your question about mindfulness, I highly recommend it. I took part in a study on it a while ago that was funded by the MS Society, and found it really helpful. The idea of it doesn’t sound like it would do anything useful - just noticing how you’re feeling, without doing anything about it. If anything, I thought that would make things like pain worse. To be honest, at first it can feel like that. But the aim of mindfulness is to let go of the labels we put on everthing as being either good or bad. So if we feel pain, instead of wishing it would go away, the aim is to try & accept it for what it is. And the weird thing is, eventually the pain does start to lessen. It’s easy to say things like ‘I am in pain’, but that’s not actually true - only a tiny bit of you is experiencing pain, and when you’re minful of it, you notice things like the fact that it will come & go. And then you can notice all the other parts of your body and what they’re feeling at the same time.

A website I use a lot is http://www.getsomeheadspace.com/. There’s a free course on it called Take10, which is ten, 10-minute long meditations that are a good introduction to it. There’ll also be plenty of meditations to try on youtube, and put it into google you’ll find lots of resources too.

I hope it helps you to find some peace!