Generally feeling a bit rubbish!


I was diagnosed recently with RR MS and start Rebif injections tomorrow (yikes!). I know they’ll help but the thought of having to inject myself for the rest of my life has made me feel a bit angry and rubbish today. I though I was coping quite well with the diagnosis and everything else that comes with it but for some reason the full impact of it has only really hit me now and I seem to be breaking in to tears every time I think about it. This is very unlike me and, tbh, pretty unsettling when you go from happily doing the dishes to be being a snivelling ball on the floor (I say “happily” doing dishes in the loosest sense possibe!)

I live in Guernsey, have a fantastic fiance who, although he works long hours as a chef, is really supportive and does everything he can to help, and 2 beautiful little girls but no-one I can speak to about this. I’m sure this isn’t the right way of going about this but is there a way of befriending other people who feel like this? It would be nice to stop pretending that I’m fine, just for a little while!


Sam x

Hello Sam,

Welcome to this site. I to have RRMS, and as everyone has told me we all go through a grieving process. It will take a while to get used to the idea that you have it, but remember it doesn’t have you. I cannot comment on the med’s you are going to be taking as I do not use Rebif but am sure someone else who does will see your post and give you their experience of it.

Hang on in there and remember you are not alone you can always come on here and let it all come tumbling out.

Good luck for tomorrow and do let us know how you get on.

Janet x

Hello Sam,

I was diagnosed with RRMS, in December 2010 and have been injecting Rebif, since April 2011. It does get a bit easier and support of a great family helps, I have a lovely wife and a 10 Year old Daughter. I too feel a bit rubbish some times, but find that the side-effects of Rebif, have calmed down.

Regards and Take Care


hi there sam i also have rrms been diagnosed for two years i was on rebif but had too stop because of nerve damage in my left leg but iwas really unlucky what machine is it i was on the rebismart machine it is a really small needle and it is quite fast. But chin up as they say i have three daughters the twins are two today its hard work darryl


You have been given some very good advice and Im sure you will make lots of friends with which to share your feelings, experiences, treatment options and whom will give you lots of support, love and care.

I can only add that we have all been there, do get through the initial diagnosis and then learn to get on with our lives, slotting it into that great filing cabinet in the head where it belongs.

Yes you will feel so up and down for a while, you will hate ms, as we do, you will learn to live with it, adapt your lifestyle to make time for breaks, rests. Life doesnt have to be all about ms, we live our lives with ms, not have ms and live our lives according to what it might do. Its all to do with priorities and making sure you can get on with your life and not let ms ruin any plans you may have.

MS affects us all differently however on a positive note, most msers live very long, happy and useful lives once theyve learnt to get around the shock of the initial diagnosis and you wont always feel as you do - honestly.

best wishes




Welcome to the site. I can’t really add anymore to what has already been said but just wanted to say hello and you are never alone. We all help each other through the good and bad times on here, so when ever you just need to chat or get something off your chest remember your extended sometimes disfunctional family on here

Hope all goes well with the Rebif