Feel lost - please help

Hi guys, first time posting on this. I am 27 years old, I started to have a rash about 4 weeks ago which disappeared but then came back and was on my chest and back. My skin is still itchy to this day in random episodes - just seems really sensitive.

I have seen MS symptoms and it seems very similar - I am having regular pins and needles now too and numbness (only when sleeping). I have had no vision problems but I am just really worried. Can anyone help?

Hello James, welcome to the site. Your symptoms could be a number of things, but the sooner you can get them investigated through your GP the better and if a referral to a neurologist is needed you might get answers to help ease your mind. Thinking of you, Maz

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Thank you for responding! I suffer with bad health aniexty too so you can imagine all the thoughts flying through my head - have a call with the GP today so let’s see what’s said

Blimey James, your symptoms could be a million and one things, most of them not serious at all, particularly if the pins and needles and rash are not connected. Have you had any neck or back problems… That could easily cause your pins and needles. You could always check out an osteopath

MS does a lot of things, but it doesn’t really do rashes. It seems to me overwhelmingly likely that you have something relatively harmless the matter with you. It’s always best to get concerning symptoms checked out by a doctor or pharmacist, so I should do that.

Please be aware that Dr Google thinks all roads lead to MS, but in real life very few roads lead to MS. MS is really quite a rare condition. You will have heard of it as a leading cause of disability in the young, and that is true, but that doesn’t mean it’s a common condition: it’s just that disability in the young is (mercifully) so rare!

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Hi Alison

Thank you for your reply.

Your spot on when you say about
MS being the most common disability in the young, it’s all I’ve seen on google which has stuck in my head. Combine that with various symptoms and it brings up MS.

Google only takes me down a bad path but always seem to be back there.

Doctor said to have bloods just to rule anything out based on what I told them so we’ll see

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