Feeding the cat


I knew today was going to be a struggle. The morning routine goes like this:

Open curtains.

Unlock front door and window.

Go outside and open window. (It’s the easiest way.)

Feed cat.

Make tea.

This morning I opened a new pouch of cat food and gave half of it to Seymour before sealing the rest with a kitchen clip. Then I turned the chair round to attend to tea. When I turned back I noticed that there was a pouch with a clip on it. “Oh, there was one already open,” I thought. “Now where’s the one I’ve just opened?” The next five minutes are spent searching for the one I’d just opened. There’s only one clip. It was a sign: Sit down and do nothing. Now why has the text gone funny?

We love brain fog.



It could be worse.

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Your antics remind me of myself Steve, just the sort of thing I do!

Pam X

Yes I’m with you too Steve Frazer just loves those days when I’ve just fed him and I can’t remember, He’s been taught to bring me his red bowl , it’s awful when he’s there with 8t in his mouth and I think I’m sure I’ve just fed you …he really plays on it especially with Christine my Carer Michelle and Frazer xx

I love your pictures Scudger. Xx

Lol Steve I can’t remember what day it is, I keep a journal and often have to ask Heather what day it is and also what is going on. She can tell me the plans for the day and ten minutes later I ask her again, it drives her mad!