Favourite Take Away

On a lighter note what is your favourite take away.

Mine is Miss Millies. I love Miss Millies. Naughty but nice!!

Shazzie xx

Doner kebab even when i am sober.

Trouble is I like more or less everything

Rosina x

Chinese is my favourite take away. Tofu and vegetable curry with chips, yum yum or courgette and cashew nuts in blackbean sauce…feeling hungry

Has to be chinese!! Chicken n pork fried rice, chow mein, chips, curry sauce & sesame prawn toast (and i wonder why im not stick thin haha) xx

Oooh, now you’re talking!

Mine is battered sausage & chips from the chippy … but has to be with a glass or two of red wine!

If I was asked what I wanted for my last ever meal, that would be it!

Emma x

PS Has anyone noticed that KFC doesn’t tastes the same as it used to in the 80s? Colonel Sanders seems to have lost his recipe for 11 herbs & spices.

indiagate although it is a restaurant, they do take aways.

chicken korma, pilau rice and peshwar naan.

i could eat it every day, even thoughn i have no appetite!

carole x

My pick is the same as Rosina i like most of them


Now I am getting hungry.

I agree snowflake KFC isn’t the same as it used to be in the good ole days.

Another favourite of mine is fish and chips in paper with salt and vinegar at the seaside. Lush!!


I’m in the doner kebab club, with salad & chili sauce… Covers my 5-a-day in veg and lots of other essentials.


And no butter Neil!!! Hehehe!!


You are so right KFC ain’t like it used to be , however I was in Edinburgh 2 months ago and it was how it used to be… Same smell same taste !!

Had trouble posting this So I will have to do it one at a time Chicken madras & pilau ric&

Pepperoni pizza with extra chillies & peppers &

Chicken fried rice with noodles & curry sauce

Just chips for me…very cheap date


Doner kebab with salad & garlic mayo…yummers

Tandoori lamb chops and nan



Soon as I call my local takeaway and give my address I hear “aah, beef curry, boiled rice, no peas”? That’s the one my man, thank you very much! :smiley:

Chcken shwarma from Sam’s in Limassol, anything else is dissapointment