fatuige hell

Hi all

Am suffering from fatuige a lot to the point i feel its really affecting my life, I cant take regular rests because i have 2 young children to look after, so am looking on advise on what meds i could ask to help me, and how the meds work any advise would be great.





Hi Sue, I'm afraid I don't know about meds but I totally sympathise about having young children and MS, it is incredibly challenging to never be able to rest. A friend of mine takes meds for this successfully, she just takes them when she is feeling bad and they help for the day, I'm not sure what they are called, I will ask or maybe someone else here will know.

Take care xx

Hi Sue


I was suffering with terrible fatigue - I don't have kids but I'm a school teacher so appreciate where you are coming from. It got to the point at school when I had to lay down in afternoon registration! In november my consultant started me on Amantadine and it's been pretty much life changing. There are still days when I just can't function but they are a lot fewer and so far I haven't had to nap at school - that was just so embarrassing (although sometimes I do when I get home before hitting the stack of marking).


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Hi, I tried amantidine for a short while, but it made my constipation issues worse, so I gave it up.

Worth a try tho`, eh? Dunno of owt else i`m afraaid.

luv Pollx

I tried modafanil and amantadine but neither worked, left me feeling slightly drunk and I actually got stopped outside preschool one day and asked if I was!  Its a case of pacing.  My older ones are now 8 and 10, but they still have a rest after lunch so I can (like I used to have when they were babies).  When they are at school and its just the baby, I rest as soon as I've done the school run.  The big ones are often left to there own devices in the garden (its great for building up imagination).  Too tired today to write properly.  I've had a house full all weekend.

Dear Sue

Yes, I identify with what you say. A year ago I nearly opted to hang my clogs up. For myself (and everyone is different), I turned this situation around by diet. I made sure I ate a breakfast before work (I never used to have anything beyond a strong black coffee). Now, it's fruit, cereal (soya milk), or toast (gluten free).

I kept watch on my food intake. As I follow a gluten free diet it was often troublesome. I drank far less alcohol (I had to!!) and ate far more fresh vegetables and fruit. Whereas before I would just have a chocolatey snack for lunch I  made a decision to have fresh fruit. I drink plenty of water too.

I have far less fatigue problems, and I work long days too.

I think I will always be a jug head, and like my cider, but in 2012 it's now and again, not every night (ok, tonight is nearly my birthday so the rules say I'm allowed!)

I take vitamins and supplements. Vitamin D, vitamin B12, vitamin C. I never knowingly eat gluten.

It helps.



hi all

Thankyou all for the advise, i will speak to my nero about meds next time i have a appointment