I’m finding the awful fatigue that can be associated with MS very difficult to cope with. It is preventing me from doing the myriad of things that I have to do each day - we have ten dogs and five ponies who need a lot of care and attention and who don’t understand about tiredness. Does anyone know if there is any medication that can help relieve this problem? If so, are there unwanted side effects? I find that I lose more and more balance when I become tired and after suffering three fractures in the past 18 months I dread having another nasty fall.

Thanks for any help and advice that can be given.

Oh chuffin ell! You do have a lot on eh?

I once tried amantadine for fatigue…prescribed. It made my constipation worse, so I gave up.

Do you know about LDN? Quite a lot of msers say it helps with tiredness. My own experience of it wasn`t good.

Hopefully you`ll get some more useful help.

All those animals to look after…phew!

luv Pollx

Good grief Friday! You do have a lot on your plate at the moment…

I take Modafinil for fatigue and it seems to help me so I guess it’s worth a try.

Take care hun,

Mags xx

Friday you really need to get yourself a horse loving teenager.

My daughter is currently doing chores for a lady with a young family and 9 horses in exchange for rides.

It works out very well as she is a responsible 18 year old…get advertising or asking amongst friends.

PM me if you would like to

Gillian x