Fatigue/stamina question

Hey everyone,

So I’m back from holiday and completely exhausted! We did do sooo much walking, lots and lots of steps but i am baffled at just how exhausted I am. I was falling asleep in the car, had to have a doze before tea on Friday, i can’t concentrate or get anything right, this morning, I could barely speak I was so tired. We started off on Monday at Tintagel castle, anyone who has been there will know its no walk in the park, but there were people managing it with sticks, so I thought, well I should be fine, right? Now I don’t know if it was the perilous steps, but by the time we had finished, my legs were on fire and so painful I wanted to scream, I could also feel the muscles in my thighs kind of spasming (think thats the word) as I walked.Brief pauses to sit over the next few days and they seemed to be relatively back to normal, tho stiff and achy. Eden project on Wed was almost a killer, didn’t help that a staff member told us just how hot it was in there…could already feel it! I should have stayed outside ( saying that the meditteranian was alright, but the rainforest …), but I didn’t want to arouse suspicion, plus I guess I wanted to prove to myself I could survive it. For the hour or so we were in there, I was constantly dizzy,jelly legs,i kept drinking but it was hopeless, i don’t know how i made it.Jump ahead to friday and our last day, and my legs are no longer stiff but incredibly weak that im amazed i didn’t fall over,plus the tremors had come back and I could have slept for the rest of september! symptoms have really got to me this week :frowning: has anyone else found their overall stamina has just dropped? i used to think that as long as i could eat enough(and thank goodness I could!) and get enough rest in between (this was harder) that I could still survive a hardcore holiday. I know I worried when I was exhausted from trips to town, but I’d hate to think I no longer have the stamina to go on a proper holiday.I could fall asleep right now to be honest.also, does anyone have any tips for fatigue/keeping stamina up without overdoing it? I’m likely to only be able to get a xmas temp job (yay for redundancy - not), so will need a plan to get through it!

hoping everyone else is well as can be!

Hi Jules

Glad you made it through the holiday. To be honest I chickened out of the steps at Tintagel and that was before I got MS so well done for making it there…and back! lol The thing is it may have been harder than it used to be but you made it! : ) You should be proud of yourself. I know the temptation is to push yourself as though nothing has changed but for now it has, so just be kind to yourself.

For everyday working, well hopefully it won’t be as hard as climbing those steps. Take each day as it comes and never turn down a coffee break. Hope you find a xmas job and it all goes well.

Mish x

thanks Mish, I guess I find it hard to accept the fact that life is always gonna be that bit harder, and in some ways quite significantly. I even wanted to pause outside Simply Health in town today, wondering when I’d have to be buying a stick from there! sometimes it feels like it’d be so much easier if I had a diagnosis of something, anything, MS or otherwise, so I could get the help and not feel silly about having it.Good tip about the coffee break, I’m not sure about disclosing things to potential new employers, so for now, on applications, i am perfectly healthy!



Hi Jules, a physio said to me that I would never regain my stamina…and I haven`t!

i admire you for how much you did on your holiday.

I would suggest (and it is only a suggestion, so please dont shout at me) that if you take another hol where a lot of walking is requied, that you take a lightweight manual wheelie for rest periods. I know you cant climb steps with a chair, but it`ll be waiting for you when you return, eh?

luv Pollx

Hey Poll… ahh don’t you just hate it when the experts turn out to be right? You could maybe still prove them wrong? I doubt I’ll ever have another holiday like that but I do want to have a few more in life lol. That’s a great suggestion :slight_smile: I wouldn’t shout at you anyways :slight_smile: i think I’m really gonna have to get a stick at least in the next year or so unless things suddenly get better, so a small wheelie doesn’t sound all that bad.


Oh good.

luv Pollx

sorry for moaning, reading that back, my post doesn’t seem that important in the grand scheme of things, sorry. xx

You don’t need to apologise at all! It is important and I can see how it could be a huge blow to you. Personally, I’ve really struggled this weekend and have been weighing up whether it’s laziness or genuine fatigue!

Hope you feel less fatigued soon. I think the ‘key’ (if there is one - I haven’t managed it myself!) is to schedule in lots of mandatory rests, and to try not to feel bad if you simply can’t manage things that you used to be able to.

thanks, thats what i have trouble with, the pull between forcing rest, or over-rest to re-juveante the energy, or to carry on as normal and hope you feel better soon… (((hugs for your fatigue)))

Ooh walking stick. I have just bought a folding one for my bag, in case of emergencies.I haven’t used it yet. I feel a bit of a fraud as I reckon I get on ok without it. However I am seeing my physio this week who thinks I should be using one before i break something. My balance is not to good but I am trying to ignore it. Have so far managed to stay upright by wobbling into the odd wall. I have got to take it with me this week and she wants me to go outside with her and the stick ( must think of a name for it) as she wants to see me walking further than the length of her room. Fun. Not sure when is the right time to give in and use one. After all I haven’t taken a tumble yet…much to my physios amazement! Lol : ) Mish x

Hi Jules

Glad you enjoyed your holiday, but sorry your symptoms were troublesome too :frowning:

I now have a walking stick that I use when I need to. My walking is quite rubbish at the moment as my right foot has decided to turn outward and just doesnt want to straighten up at all. So walking is quite difficult, and my balance is even worse now :frowning:

I have fallen a couple of times over the past couple of months too, so thats not good either.

Anyway, my point is that I suggest you try a stick to help when you need it. Rest up when you can, and start telling people that you are not feeling great and this is what helps you. Mind you Im a fine one to talk as I have only told immediate family and very few trusted friends. People have asked why I walk funny now, and I just say ‘its a long story’ :).

So rest up when you can, use a walking aid when you need to :smiley:

Hope you are recovering well


well mum has noticed my limp now, so maybe i will be able to get a stick easier and quicker than i think. (((hugs to you)))