fatigue forever?

hi just wonderin if there is anybody that is part of this form or that you know of that recovered from this symptom? I ran 2 and half miles today in the heat and i was close to breaking point, im finding that my energy levels are much lower than before relapse. But this has been goin on for months now… id say 3 months, Need some hope that this symptom might only be temporary.

Hi Raymond, its hard to say as I’d say running for 2 and a half miles especially in this heat was beyond my capabilities at any time to be honest! My fatigue comes and goes, though I keep rubbish hours with my kids so I never know if its genuine lack of sleep or fatigue. There are meds you can take to help with fatigue but I’d guess a doc would say you are doing pretty well with your current activity levels.

i know im nowhere near as bad as most people who suffer from it, and for that i feel lucky, but i am aware that this is real problem, i think a lot about whats happenin, is it going to get worse? better? Obviously no one can say for sure, all im lookin for is that its part of a relapse and not permanent. Tried typin it in to google but just comes up with all the fatigue jargon, tellin you what it is and all that

Well done for running the 2 n half miles hun!

Jst thinking about the fatigue - im afraid mine has been ongoing for several months too now.yes, its very frustrating and really winds me up too.

That said are you eating properly at the moment?

I find that low gi foods - foods that the charbs break down over a period of time do help with the fatigue somewhat.

what do you eat just before you go for a run?

what do you do to feed your body after your run too?

As things like this are really important for healthy non msers.so you can imagine how important it is for us guys!

Btw- how is Glasgow today hun?

Was the sun shining and was it warm?

maybe i could pick your brains on the best places to visit in scotland for a holiday?

well, tc Anna x

yeah ive begun to eat well, it seems to be an on off thing but im gettin so pissed off i think im goin on it full time…this is also my first day stoppin smoking, so there is time to see if thats makes a difference. Lets see… before the run i had 3 chicken legs, after the run i made a prawn stir fry. What are low gi foods? examples?

Glasgow is seriously hot today, too hot for clothes

best place ive been was ballachulish, bit further north, nice place, good views

hi raymond,

low GI foods are things like wholegrain rice, cous cous, mainly find wholegrain products. you can get pastry and lots of other products that are wholegrain. i use a strawberry wholegrain enriched yoghurt which is very nice if you want something sweeter at times.i cant remember the name but think it is something like, onken or something.


i think one of the things that you might have made a mistake with before your run. is the chicken that you had although great as it gives you loads of protein for your muscles. but you didnt seem to eat any charbohydrates.so i wouldnt be suprised if your blood sugars were too low when you finished your run. this in itself will make you feel fatigued and added to the ms fatigue will dble your problems.

your better off eating something like a meat, veg and a charbohydrate mix for each meal hun before a run. make sure you give yourself an hour or so to let your food go down though. otherwise you’l have painful cramps!

please be aware though i am not a professional and only know a litle from the fact that i am a diabetic too. so please, please, seek professional advice too.

as far as i know i am only suggesting you eat healthy foods, so cant really see a danger but as a non professional i do not know that for sure hun!

Btw- ty for the advice on places to go on holiday in scotland. i will look into it when i get the time as we really want to do scotland but havent a clue where to start!

sounds lovely there today- always thought scotland was freezing all year round!

but in guess that explains why the guys can wear kilts and get away with it then, lol!


Anna x

Hi Raymond,

I don’t know what to say to you. It’s very hard from where I stand to put running 2 and half miles and fatigue in the same sentence. Let’s be honest running 2 and a half yards is beyond me.

But its not about what I or anyone else can do it is your own diminished abilities that have you worried. I can’t tell you that it will be temporary. My own experience with fatigue has been very long running – sometimes better sometimes worse but never completely gone for a number of years**. But** I have never had RR - perhaps you will recover from this just as many people recover from other symptoms.

What I can tell you though is that you can’t fight your way through it. No amount of will power or determination will make it better. The converse is in fact the case. You need to rest not push.

I have found that the best way to deal with fatigue is to find ways round it not fight it. I know this is probably not what you wanted to hear but it may be that you have to accept that lower energy levels are one of the facts of life with MS


good advice i’ll give it a go, cant harm trying, think the main things are that i stay off the fags and keep excercising, still goin with mind set that i can run it off, like a minor football injury, not sure it really works that way tho

its impossible to tell, they havent even diagnosed me yet, so i dont even know if i have RR or any other type, think theyre waiting for another relapse, but the way i see it, i never had these symptoms at the start of the first relapse so i suppose i count this as relapse number 2, consultant seems to be ignoring this detail tho for whatever reason

Hi, my fatigue varies day to day, never goes away for more than a few days , it goes from just being knackered by nine at night due to routine physical exertion to being unable to function at all for most of the day, have to sit or lie down for at least 80% of the day and can not tolerate any physical or mental exertion whatsoever.