Hi everyone

i would just like to ask your advise on Amentadene. I have been prescribed some for when my fatigue becomes very bad.

Does anyone know if it is meant to work more or less straight away or does it take several days or weeks ?

I was hoping to try the modifinal but it’s not being prescribed at the moment due to causing heart problems for some people.

i am meant to take one capsule each day in the morning.

Thanks x

I tried amantadine a few years ago for a few weeks. All it did for me is cause insomnia. I took first dose at breakfast and went to bed about 11 pm that night. Went to sleep quickly and woke again at 12.30 am. Wide awake 'til morning. Slightly better thereafter, maybe three hours sleep. After a while I just gave up. Recently neuro asked my GP to prescribe modafinil, which I’m about to try. I’ll post the result . The problem is, I don’t think the medical profession understands Ms fatigue. They think it’s sleepiness.

Anyway, in my experience , amantadine acts quickly, not a build up.

Hope this helps.


Hi John thanks for your reply, I would be interested how you get on with the Modifinal, I’ve heard it’s really good for some people, it’s just a shame I can’t try it, maybe If the problems of side effects can be resolved, I’ll get another chance.