Falling down a lot

My legs are either ‘MS’ or ‘good leg’. Right is MS and left is good leg, stay with me I’ll explain… I have always relied on good leg (left), however twice this year 2022. Just in case you had lost the plot, my good leg has let me down with no warning! I have required manual assistance/intervention :pensive:
It knocks your confidence should I use a wheelchair all the time? When I’m in a wheelchair either self propelled or attended. I can’t fall any further unless my ‘attendee’ tips me out/over!.
When is it safer to stop trying so hard and give in?

What have others done?
take care, be safe :heart:Mxx

Hi, I too have a good left leg and a numb and stiff right foot and leg but last week tripped and fell heavily on my good leg and injured my left knee.
I was using 2 sticks and had enjoyed a slightly longer walk than usual and just as I was getting back to the car -lost concentration and tripped.
I use sticks and have a blue badge and hate it!! although they help my independance.
Now I too feel very disabled but feel very resistant to using a wheelchair or scooter although I know that at some point I’ll have to give in!! or I’ll be limiting my future freedom and I’m not ready to give up yet!!

You could try a rollator, as an interim step and see if that makes you feel any safer. Most have a seat, so you can take a rest when needed.

Perhaps get a physio to assess you and suggest some muscle strengthening exercises.


Hi M

Sorry to hear your ‘good leg’ is playing up, and if you’re not ready for a wheelchair, a rollator or walking frame might give you confidence.

Torrential rain here all day, roll on Spring, take care.

Pam x


Rollator can keep you walking so you will not slip back so quickly and allow time to identify what you need to work on. Get one that fits in with what you want to do. Standard ones are not good for outside and don’t fold neatly for transport.


Thank you for all your replies you are a fine bunch of people. I have been using a 4 wheel rollator for years, the dreaded ‘black dog’ is also hovering! I should be grateful that I didn’t break any bones but it steals your confidence. I will try and get some physiotherapy input and stop feeling sorry for myself.
The sun is shining, the path is almost finished that will give me access- wheelchair or whatever.
Take care be safe M :heart:xx