I was going to bed last night and my R leg stopped working. My husband did his usual night job took me to bedroom in wheelchair and got me up to the grab rails. Next thing I was screaming I’m going on the floor he tried to keep me up but couldn’t so I hit the ground like a ton of bricks. He rang Safe and Sound to get me up which they did, they are brilliant got into bed for the night. When I woke the fan had to go on to keep me cool, all winter that’s been happening, husband has to wrap up or freeze. Does anyone know something I can take to help it isn’t the first time, I only take cyclizine and baclofen for m.s I haven’t seen the neuro for years as he passed me over to the nurse who does nothing for me. M.S got worse when I kept getting told I had a u.t.i. A urologist on her last year went to my G.P surgery and looked through my notes it wasn’t a u.t.i cystitis so I could have had steroids and been better than I am now.

I meant to reply to your post a long time ago but keep forgetting! I had a very similar episode on new years day - in the evening,. I was getting ready for bed, grab rail on the right and bed on the left, and felt I was going to pass out. Just like you I could have grabbed the rail or aimed for the bed but I just couldn’t do it and down I went. I stayed fully conscious the whole time., Called neurologist the next morning because this was a totally new symptom but got call from his secretary who said I should call MS nurse. I did this and she said I should have called GP. I only see neurologist once a year and totally understand why you don’t bother but I think it’s worth staying in the loop just in case anything new comes up to help SPMS. I didn’t have any injuries except for a large purple bruise on my behind!