Good morning everyone

I just wanted to ask a quick question to see if anyone has also experienced what happened to me last night. I was sat watching the Tele last night minding my own business when I decided it was time to go to bed. I went to stand up to find that my body didn’t want to move or go with me. I had gone completely limp from the neck down and unable to support myself. My poor husband, who is fortunately quite strong, had to carry me upstairs and lay me on the bed and then undress and redress me for bed like you would a baby. I had absolutely no control and wasn’t able to support myself or move anything. I think it freaked out my husband a little bit who didn’t sleep very well because he kept poking me all night to make sure I was ok.

I have RRMS.

I’m a bit more stable this morning and able to get around again, but being what was practically paralyzed from the neck down for those few hours has freaked me out a little bit.

Any comments or reassurance from anyone would be highly appreciated.

Much love

(I have recently moved back to the UK from Jersey so I’m still waiting for a neurologist (appointment booked for middle of December), nurse and any other support they can offer me. I also unfortunately ran it out of my DMD mid October and my doctor’s aren’t particularly keen on prescribing me any symptomatic medication until Ive seen a neurologist)


it is scary when something like that happens.

however you’ll figure out what to do to avoid it happening again.

i realised fairly early on that the signals to and from my brain are very slow at times.

before ms i used to stand up and practically lurch forward, busy, busy busy.

however my feet didn’t know that i was doing that.

so i learned to stand still for a minute or two until my feet knew i was standing.

please try to be calm.

stress make everything worse.

carole x

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I have had this. last time i had it was 6 yr ago i woke and tried to get out of bed and could not move at all i was so scared.The dr was called and a ‘team’ came out to me and they managed to get me up,how i don’t know but they did. This was the start of a very severe relapse that went on for months, with all sorts that happened to me. It scared me to death when I couldn’t move but it only lasted about 7 hours.I had it once before too at the start of a nasty relapse.I have never known anyone have it with their MS and when i told the neuro he looked at me as if i was an alien.

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Hi, I had an episode, about a year before I started to be investigated for the symptoms of MS. I went for a walk, one Summer evening, of about four miles. On the way back my left leg started to give way and I dragged myself along using walls and fences until I got home. By the following morning I had completely recovered. Several months later I got optic neuritis, drop foot and urinary incontinence. Regards, Anthony

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Mrs. Puss in Boots

Is this what you want to be known as ?

I call myself Bertie but my real name is David.

Had MS for 15 years

Had similar experience 15th August this year.

Felt really exhausted at 7.30pm and went bed, normally go at 11pm

Fell out of bed at 2am and could not get up even with wife help

Sat on floor till 6am and tried again and got in bed

Got up at 8am struggled downstairs, got on scooter etc then at 11am went toilet came out and just collapsed on floor

Called GP,she came and dialled 999,ambulance came and took me hospital

Kept me in 2 days and they put it down as UTI urinary tract infection, I do self cath. Chest etc all clear no other problems

Now fine and had no problems since.

Hope yours, just a one off


May I ask Anthony a question.

You say you have a problem with left leg, foot drop and urinary problems, those are my only MS problems are you receiving any treatments or advice



Hi Bertie

My real name is Kat, but I like to use alternative names on the internet just to keep things interesting.

I also use ISCs and have had a persistent UTI for well over a year now; which I assume is also the cause of my bouts of bad incontinence. I stopped accepting antibiotics for it after the fifth batch as I don’t want to build up any type of resistance.

My husband was going to call the NHS helpline number but I didn’t want the fuss; however my thoughts may have been different if I’d had still been the same in the morning.

I’m doing ok now, just moving a little bit slower.