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So yesterday, MrH was at our local hospital, in our local little town, Hexham, to see his surgeon and have X-rays to confirm that his foot is healing correctly.

The day before, he had spotted a lady on our local selling page, advertising some brand new, expensive brand, unused cotton yarn for sale, at a very reasonable price. So he contacted her and arranged to meet her at the hospital as she lives near it too.

We met and she asked what I had planned for it, so I told her all about Mary’s Snowflake Creations. I duly handed her the £30 and she handed me £10 back !! I was completely floored and tried to give it back (the yarn should’ve cost £99 so it was already an absolute bargain) but she was resolutely insistent and told me that she really wanted me to keep it as a donation towards my fundraising for The MS Society.

I still have a lump in my throat, thinking about it. What a lovely, generous gesture. It really does restore your faith in the inherent kindness and thoughtfulness of people.


Oh how lovely. People are generally nice I think. Mostly.


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Mrs H

you deserve to meet lots of nice, kind people.

like attracts like.

nice, kind people (you) attract nice kind people (the woman who donated)


What goes around comes around.

You had it karming to you.


I think so too. It’s just so much easier to be nice !!

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Thanks !! I had a lovely warm glow last night. And the pink gin wasn’t solely responsible !!