Failure to notify job center of volunteering....?

I started volunteering for in Nov, 3hrs week for 6 weeks and start up again next week, but have read so much conflicting info over volunteering on ESA I didn't think I needed to inform anyone- have read now that I do, with hindsight know when in doubt etc. 

Am going to bite the bullet tomorrow and call job center- anyone any idea of what will happen/ potential repercussions? Am natural worrier and feel like gov. are looking for any excuse to get people off benefits. Can't find any info on goole...nervous


Thanks anyone that has any idea xxx

Thanks for reply, that has crossed my mind but have got the dreaded ESA medical interview coming up again,

pretty sure from memory you are asked outright if you volunteer and I obv. don't want to lie when asked directly.

You are allowed to volunteer on ESA it won't change benefits

but i just should have informed them before I started.... 

I personally let them know that you are doing the small ammount of voluntary work, they are not going to then think that you are able to work full time or are capable of doing a job.  I would confirm with them that it is good for your self esteem and that it is valuable for your wellbeing.  The other thing to remember is that if you fail to let them know, it could easily affect your benefits.


Hi, I don’t know much about ESA but I think Willie sums it up very nicely. Tell them, honesty is the best policy , also if you don’t tell them and they find out another way, they may wonder if you are hiding anything.
Best wishes.

Thanks for replies everyone, I did find some info that said failure to notify can result in benefits being stopped but I rang up and the person I spoke to said shouldn'tbe the case, just put it in writing and send it to job center. she didn't seem to think it would be a problem so am not as worried but will only be totally relieved once I have heared back from them re: my letter....


worry/ panic over £££ and DWP- a sign of the timesconfused


Thank you though everyone, made me feel lot better about just getting it over and done with  xxxxx