When will I hear???

Hi all, not been on for a while, been really low, had a few falls, basically lost my mojo! But heyho, carry on…

My question is, I have been off work since Sept 2012, am now on ESA, (£71pw) been on this for 13 weeks, but as of yet not been told what group I’m in? Not had any correspondance at all. I phoned them and all they said was, if they need to get in touch, they will.Whatever that means? Also been under Occupational Health through work, who are supporting me for ill health retirement. Haven’t heard from them either, been under them since February. I know they wrote to my nuero, because he sent me the letter that he sent them, he is supporting me also. My half pay from work will end in August, and I’m getting worried things won’t be sorted, this is stressful enough without having financial worries too. Anybody been through this?

On a positive note, I have been getting lots of vitamin D with this lovely weather, and that makes me feel happier :slight_smile:

.Also I have been seeing about a stairlift and wet room, they are coming to measure up on Tuesday, and then see if my Authority will fund it, but the man said it is means tested, but couldn’t give me a figure that I would have to pay? Anyone know anything? Thank you. Michelle xx

Thanks Pat, forgot to mention the ESA50 form/book haha. Yes I filled that in about 8-9 weeks ago, and am on contributions based ESA xx

Hi, I retired on ill health from work back in 2000.

I worked for the local authority and the whole procedure went smoothly…But of course, like you, I was worried, as it isnt something we had any experience of at the time, eh?

I went on the sick in Dec 1999 and as sick notes kept getting longer and longer, I expected to be told i would go onto half pay in June. It never happened. I kept getting full pay, so i rang to check and they said it was all ok. I had a visit from HR in August and was told no other vacancies would suit me, so I agreed to finish then. I could`ve stuck it out another 4 months, but wanted it all done and dusted.

If I were you, I would ring the HR dept and ask for clarification of what`s happening.

Regarding esa and which group you are in, likewise…ring and ask.

Re the wet room and stairlift on a DFG. I had that for ceiling hoists. I was means tested and my LA were long winded, even though my OT placed my request as very urgent. I was under the impression that if you had less than 6k in savings, you wouldn`t have to contribute anything. Well we had much less, yet I was asked to fund just under half of the costs myself.

I asked the MSS if they could help and they generously did so.

Until you actually get the quote of costs and the go-ahead from the LA, it`s a bit of a cat and mouse game…and all very worrying I know.

luv POllx


i got medical retirement but it was several months before i actually received my pension.

just carry on enjoying this sun while it lasts

everything will come right in the end.

it gets bogged down in procedures at times.


carole x

Thank you replies xxxx