Facial numbness

Hi All,

Went to see my neurologist on wednesday and he gave me tegretol for facial pain which has been working great (except for tiredness ho hum) but today my face has gone numb from half my nose up to my hairline - its almost like i have been in a nasty winter storm and it is frozen. Anybody experienced this whilst on these tablets? Cheers Helen

Dear Helen. I am seeing my neurologist on Tuesday. He believes that I am having a relapse. My new symptom is total face numbness. It goes as far as my ears and tongue. My eyes hurt and I am sleeping all of the time. I do hope it eases, for you and for me. Warmest thought Ali

Hi Ali,

I am currently in limbo land - I have 2 lesions and a brain bleed but do not fit all the mcdonald criteria even though i have all the symptoms. My neurologist is certain that it is MS but until more is found on my mri he cannot put me onto the medication i need. Funnily enough he also thinks I am having a relapse at the mo but I need to have a further mri to confirm this. I have never had a sensation like this and its beyond weird! My husband even did the pin prick test on me (think he enjoyed that!) and no feeling. My eyes are constantly stinging and yes I am sleeping all the time too but even when awake I am constantly tired. I hope you feel better too and hope your neurologist can help you on Tuesday. Good luck and keep smiling Helen

It is good that you are already under the care of a neurologist, mine is out of county because there are no services nearby. I haven’t started treatment yet which is a concern because I just ride all of the symptoms that are thrown at me. Remember Helen, to keep a diary, it does help with the diagnosis process and I am following the ‘Overcoming MS’ Jenilik. diet etc. Although not a cure, it does give me some control. Warmest thoughts Ali

hi helen

it may be bell’s palsy, which is caused by trouble with the nerve on the other side from where the symptoms are.

i had this when i was 17 and off work with flu.

my mum thought i’d had a stroke and wanted me to go to the doctors.

being a sensitive soul she didn’t want me to feel i’d been pushed so suggested we went for something to eat.

i was hungry so had meat and potato pie.

i didn’t notice that my food was dropping out of my mouth (embarassing) but mum saw it and told me that i was heading to a blister on my chin.

so i gladly went to the docs with her.

he explained what bell’s palsy is and gave me some tablets - some form of vitamin B.

he said the bell’s palsy would clear up in it’s own time.

i had bell’s palsy again just before my diagnosis.

my neuro was very interested in knowing that i’d had it before.

if your face is drooping on one side, it’s likely to be bell’s palsy.