Eyes dancing all night and whenever unleashed!

A few days ago I felt very dizzy, then realised my left eye damaged through ON was dancing again (I had taken off my glasses to give my eyes a rest) - I think its called nastygmus. Even though Ive experienced it before, now I cannot NOT wear glasses as I have prisms to help draw my eyes to the right position which is the only thing which helps.

It can indeed be a bit of a shock realising Im stuck with glasses regardless forever because my eyes fancy a dance making the world look weird.

Anyone else experienced this as a quite new phenomena? I thought mine would pass but aparently not.



Hi Bren

I get Nystagmus it comes on now and again. My eye sight isn’t bad, I wear glasses to read but that’s age related. My Consultant didn’t seem very concerned, but when do they ever. I had a hot bath last night and it knocked me for six. When I got out I couldn’t walk, my whole body felt like a lead weight so I had to lie down and when I looked about my eyes were dancing like you said. It lasted about 30 mins then it stopped. It scares my husband, it must look weird to others.

Lynne xx

Hi Bren…gosh sounds awful hun. Am having eye probs myself at moment…and think I have nystagmus too …but not sure…eye lids twitching all the time…worse after exercise and eye movements which are subtle up and down in one eye and eft to rght in other…most strange…this affects the image I am loking at which moves too…so its not just my eye lids…lol would be worth checking your eyes out hun at optition. gps or eye consultant.

regarding heat and being tired def affects me at the minute…re blurred vision is worse and eye movements to…I racll some years ago at rehab physio I had a few hydrotherapy sessions…and like you say Lynn…it use to knock me for six after…couldnt move my legs…absolutely drained and my speech was slow after also…which would take som hrs to right itself…I stopped in the end as 20 mins in the pool wasnt worth how I was after…at least I tried it!! Love water too.used to swim allot…


Hi Bren.

I’m in the same boat as far as needing prisms goes although mine are for migraine mainly - if I don’t wear my glasses, my eye muscles get very tired and it causes a lot of migraines.

I don’t know of anything that can help nystagmus, but maybe your MS nurse might have? If you’re like me, wearing glasses all the time is not a lot of fun

Karen xx

Hi Bren,

Long time no speak. So sorry to hear your eyes are giving you grief. I have severe double vision and have to wear my glasses all the time or I am as blind as a bat. I have 6 (!!!) prisms all up in my glasses to try and control the double vision and the jitterbug eyeballs.

Usually they work fine but I find if I am tired or overheated my eyes start to do their own weird thing again :frowning:

This might give you some more information regarding different treatment options you might be able to discuss with your neuro or opthamologist.



B xx