Another symptom to add to the long list I already have.

It now appears my rapid eye movement is Nystagmus.

My eyes go up and down and sort of side ways.

Great now thats a new one for me.Has anyone else have this rapid uncontrolable eye movement?

Hi- Yes I’ve had this, it is really horrible isn’t it. I’ve had it twice, about 15 years apart. It remitted both times. The first

time after about 2 weeks and the second time it gradually improved over about 4 months. I’ve also had optic neutritis and double vision prior to the nystagmus. I had IV steroids the second time, don’t know if they helped or not, but it got better eventualy. I hope your’s clears up quickly.


Ahh thankyou for your reply Carol.

I still have it today,I hope it does dissapear as its irritating and I feel I cannot go out with this happening to me.

Ihaven’t heard of this but I’m wondering specificly what you are experiencing…

You are moving your eyes and they are moving too fast or your eyes are randomly moving on their own in a sort of spasm?

They move upwards and side ways in a prominent movement.Like they are flicking and sometimes look like they shake.Its hard to explain what is happening.Likes like when you delibrately roll your eyes.But they pull upwards an side ways.

Hello there,

Yes I have seen this symptom. Thankfully this did not happen to me but a friend of mine who had MS and because he used to LOVE reading, this symptom used to drive him nuts.

Best Wishes,


My son has been diagnosed with nystagmus and we were told that he has weaker muscles in one eye thus sometimes his eyes seem to be looking in different directions. This is corrected by his glasses, and appears to b worse when he is tired. I have had constantly flickering eyes from ON but mine only feels like it is flickering and not apparent to any one else (it must be the muscles behind my eye), everyone has varying symptoms! Hope it goes soon for you though as it is annoying! X

Hi Jellybean.

Glad that you are back with us.

The more opinions we get on the site for me the better.

Sorry i digress.

Yes i have this a lot,manly when i am tired.My double vision is not side by side,but on top of each other.

When watching football it is like watching 28 people on the pitch.[and two balls]

It helps when i close 1 eye,or you could try an eye patch,works for some people,but not for me,still to mutch light still gets in.

Not Sure if it helps but you never know.

Take Care.


Ps is this your favourites sweet.

I have one weak eye I have had for many years and I do wear glasses.

My eyes at around 9-30 am this morning flickered so much yes it was like double vision.The larger movements happen on and off during the day and night,they are not always there.So it appears this is a symptom of MS?

Irriating more than anything.Plus it can be seen by others.

I think MS is a cruel disease of wich we DO NOT deserve.How much more is there to come and how more dibilitaing will this darn thing get?