Has anyone else got Nystagmus?

Hi All

just wondering if anyone else has Nystagmus? I have it in my left eye and the eye ache is starting to irritate. Is there anything that will help? My Specialist was keen to point out no cure, no cure for MS so they can keep each other company :frowning:

Any thoughts/tips greatly appreciated


Yes have had it twice. It resolved spontaneously and both times were during a flare. Xx

Thank you, I have had it for a couple of months now so not sure it’s going to go away. Scared I am deteriorating x

This was picked up in me many years ago and never gone away…I find eye lubricant drops or spray ease the irritation.


I’ve had it but it did clear up for me. It was pretty nasty at the time and l couldn’t focus let alone see straight. If you’re having double vision prisms glasses may help. At the time I went to my high street optician and they were great. I have read botox can help too. May be worth reading up or seeking a second opinion.